Monday, December 10, 2012

Attend "All" Functions?

One of the things Amway defenders will spout is how tools are optional in the Amway business. While Amway says this, many Amway AMO leaders do not. One of the things I remember hearing was how an IBO "needed" to attend "all" functions. So many IBOs asked the upline questions such as what if by brothers is getting married and the wedding is on the sAme day as a function? Or what if my kid has a soccer game or an event that was scheduled on the same day as a function? The answer from upline was simple. "All means all".

So upline may teach you that God is #1, spouse is #2, kids #3, job #4 and Amway is a distant #5. That's what they said but that isn't what they meant. Anytime there was a conflict with anything, I heard the same thing: "all means all". Meaning that one needed to attend all functions. Amway defenders are quick to jump in and claim this doesn't happen or that they have never heard it, yet I continue to see stories and testimonies indicating that this is still happening in most of not all AMO groups. Sure some upline might be more lenient than others, but in the end, it seems that most uplines want their downlines to attend all functions, regardless of whether an IBO is profitable or not.

I recall even an IBO who had worked hard and was not profitable. He was given the same answer about "all means all". Some upline want you to believe that hard work equals success, but in Amway, hard work doesn't guarantee success. And I believe it is because an Amway IBO is basically a commissioned salesperson amd in that kind of business, hard work can go unrewarded. It is not a matter of working hard, and even working hard and smart can go unrewarded at times. It is because Amway's prodcuts are difficult to sell and Amway IBOs previously unthethical behavior makes it hard to find people who are interested in Amway. Thus even finding someone willing to see the Amway sales plan is a great challenge.

What does your upline say about attending meetings and functions? Do they advise you to pick and choose the ones you can afford or do they tell you that you should attend "all". Do they look at your business profitability before advising you to do they ask you to trust their guidance and leadership? Do they also advise you to buy other tools in the same manner? That is advising you to be on voicemail or standing order without knowing about your business parameters? Do they really want your auccess or their own? Keep in mind that some upline make much more money from tools than from Amway. What say you now?


Anonymous said...

Well what i say is that its no surprise uplines say all means all. If they are pulling in the dollars from meetings etc , then what else would they say. Surely people can figure this out. I made a rule for myself. I will agree with any advice anyone gives me provided they pay any costs relating to that advice.

Anonymous said...

Had a friend who was in Amway for a few months (Still have another but that's another story) and he recently left. He pretty much confirms your story. You cannot miss any functions. Even if you are "showing the plan" or doing some Amway stuff, they consider it a problem. Seminars always are at these generic hotels too, and one would think Amway would have gotten a building of their own or one of many so called independent business owners buy a place.

And he said he just sits there listening to speakers or do what are "team calls". Unfortunately he didn't explain that to me but I am guessing it was just a waste of time and probably expensive depending on the carrier plan of their phone. But he did not really leave MLM because he joined this group called Team National.

Joecool said...


Missing a function was considered a breach of duty in Amway. Some said you can only miss a function for a funeral - your own funeral.

In fact you were expected to be on duty for Amway 24/7. Even if not at a function you should be prospecting and/or keeping an eye out for prospects.

There is no time off for "serious" amway people.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really messed up! Even mainline churches aren't that strict with attendance. These people are bad.
If all it does is inflate egos and dreams then it is simply a waste of time in a business- at least a legitimate business.

Thanks for the info Joecool.

Anonymous from the comment above.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comment. You're welcome and I hope you were able to take something away from this blog.

Anonymous said...

that is the problem here.... You are expected to put 12-14 hours a week but if you want to be called core or if you need a smallest help from your up line you need to become a slave for both up line and affiliated system