Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Amway Upline Is "Rich"?

This link lists the top 1000 earners in MLM. Some of the top earners are in Amway but they do not earn anywhere near the kind of income I thought they earned. My former upline leaders are listed but they make a fraction of what I though they made. My former upline diamond is not listed.

#667 was Crown Ambassadors Brad & Julie Duncan $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year. #702 was Crown Ambassadors Ron and Georgialee Puryear $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year. I did not see triple diamond Greg Duncan on this list.

While these are nice incomes, certainly more than I earn, but nowhere near the kind of income you would have expected from Crown Ambassadors. In fact, I would have been surprised if my upline diamond had only earned that much. I saw (at functions) slide shows of mansions, jets, fleets of sports cars and other luxuries that cannot possibly be purchased in cash (as many diamonds claim) and sustained. It was implied at many functions that these diamonds had so much money that they could shovel $100 bills into their furnace to keep them warm in the winter.

My former upline diamond once spoke of building his mansion in an exclusive gated community in Hawaii. He supposedly had purchased the land and was going to hire contractors to build the home. Last time I had checked (now many years later), my former upline diamond had not yet built the home and had moved from Hawaii to the State of Washington. I don't know the details of his life but I wonder what happened, considering the mansion was one of his "dreams".

Now I believe it's no secret that diamonds augment their income from selling tools such as voicemail, cds and seminars. But seriously, how much more can they earn in order to purchase mansions and jets?

It is my guess that the diamonds earn a nice income. However, the lifestyles they portray are not realistically achievable or sustainable at their levels, unless they were one of the top on the list, such as Dexter Yager.

Yes, some Amway diamonds appear to be rich, but that is a handful out of millions of IBOs. Do you believe you will ever be able to climb the mountain to out earn Dextar Yager or Bill Britt? The "average" IBO, according to Amway, earns $202 a month. I wonder what that average IBO earns if we remove the people from this top 1000 list?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I suppose these lists are of a debateble reliability so everyone wont be on it. I read on another site that Duncan declared 55 million net assets at his bankruptcy hearing. So he earns a lot more than this list indicates. Same thing for yaeger. Probably the big pins earn much more from tools. Nevertheless the reality is only a few get to that level. The likely outcome for most is they earn zero or lose money.

Joecool said...

This list is MLM income so if Duncan earns from other sources, it won't be here. He "declared" 55 million but it's still debatable. It certainly wasn't liquid enough to avoid bankruptcy. And it exposed his lack of financial acumen.

Anonymous said...

I think it is rediculous to suggest you can make multi million income in amway. No matter how you do the maths that type if income cant come from the model. Commissions % are too small for that. Retail sales are limited hence the 30% retailing commission does not exist. So unless you have a 100000 in your group you are unlikely to be big income. Then with tools you could make some decent income. So im surprised average ibo makes 200 dollars. I expect below platiniums make losses. On the list there are not that many amway people. So it seems to me only a few hundred people made any reasonable income in amway and the other several millions made nothing. And of those who did make money on that list only a hadnfull will be making money in 5 years time. I was in amway in the uk and france in the ninetees. None of the diamonds of that decade in both countries are still in business.

Joecool said...

Yep, Amway's been around for over 50 years and some of those higher up diamonds have been in Amway a very long time as well. You'd think there would be many more Amway people, but there aren't.

Anonymous said...

Yes joecool. That sums it up. The business works but only for a few. It seems so easy in the plan that many jump in. The reality is its a dog hard business. The statistics prove the point. Only a couple of hundred people made money in 50 years while a couple of millions made nothing or lost money. Would be good to create a list of who lost money.

Anonymous said...

The guys sitting on top since the seventies must have made a lot of money. I saw on another site that over this time about 15 million people joined amway. I assume none of them made any money and about 13 million quit and the rest ( more recent recruits) will quit soon. But i guess over the next 50 years another 15 million or more will join. So the thing goes on.

amwayscam said...

Yeah I had seen Bill Britt's mansions, jets and stuff like that, even I know a person who met Bill Britt. But the friend of mine, is a phenomenal success in corporate life and he could really out line why Amway does not work. So do I care about this list? No. If you get into electronics business will you become Jack Welch, I doubt it but there is a real chance to have created assets! But what assets do you create having Amway soaps and dishwashers along with some crappy CDs and books?