Monday, January 28, 2013

What's Wrong With A Job?

One of the ways that upline diamonds would put down jobs was to toss in the phrase that a job was simply trading hours for dollars. As if it were demeaning to have a job where you got paid for your time. I believe it's all relative. Being that many IBos are young and maybe working in more entry level types of jobs, then yeah, your hours wage might not be that great. If you earn say $10 an hour, then you might be struggling financially and it may take time before your skills and knowledge increase to a point where your experience is worth more money. What if you had a job paying $1000 an hour and earned $160,000 a month? Is that a lousy deal trading hours for dollars? I think not!

Conversely, having a business can be good or bad also. If you have an Amway business earnning less than $100 a month and you spend $200 on functions, standing orders and other training and motivational materials, then you are losing money. You would be better off working for free. That is still a better alternative than working a business where you are losing money. I think most people agree that a platinum group typically has a 100 or more IBOs. Thus a platinum is in the top 1% of all IBOs. I have heard that the platinum level is where you start to break even or make a little profit, depending on your level of tool consumption. If platinums are barely making a profit, then the other 99+% of IBOs are likely losing money. How much is that worth per hour?

I think uplines cleverly trick IBOs into thinking that a job is bad. Trading hours for dollars, afterall, sounds like some kind of indentured servant of sorts. But in the ned, what matters is your bottom line. If you are an IBO with little or no downline, and/or not much in terms of sales to non IBOs/customers, then you are losing money each and every month if you are attending functions and buying standing orders. Your 10-12 hours a week of Amway work is costing you money! But if you spend 10-12 hours a week, even at minimum wage, then you might be making about 300 to 350 a month groww income. After taxes, you make about 250 to 300. At least trading hours for dollars gets you a guaranteed net gain at the end of the month.

Uplines trick you into a "business mentality" where you think that working for a net loss is just a part of business. IBOs should realize that a business promoted as low risk and no overhead should be one where you can profir right away. Instead, IBos are taught to delay gratification, or to reinvest any profit back into their business in the form of tools and functions, which results in a net loss. If that's the case I would choose trading hours for dollars.

Remember, trading hours for dollars is not a bad deal if you are making enough dollars per hour. And even those who make less, are better off that those who "run a business" but end up with a net loss. It's all relative and hopefully, this message will help new or prospective IBOs who are being enticed to join the Amway business opportunity. Good luck to those with jobs and those with businesses. You can be successful either way. Remember that!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've come across this blog when I was looking for information connected with Amway (obviously), a thing that a good friend of mine and her husband have been doing for quite some time now. Thank you for all your commitment to the case; even though sometimes I don't like how emotional you get, I do realize you have reasons to act like that. I can relate to so many things in your posts, and I've barely touched the subject.

I am very worried about this friend couple. They are rich due to a huge inheritance, so they don't feel how much money they are losing on the meetings and products and everything connected with running "the Business". I'm happy about that, because they are not likely to end up in debt or living under a bridge; though if they lost a lot, maybe they would come back to their senses sooner. Now they are in their 3rd year of Amway and getting more and more excited about it every day, so i think it is going to last a long time.

I could think about this whole thing as a sort of their harmless hobby (well, if you can be passionate about post stamps from Argentina, why not be passionate about selling cosmetic products?...) if they didn't try to sell me the ideas circulating in Amway. I don't know how much you have read/listened to the motivational materials, I have only had a chance to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Mr. Kiyosaki. It was advertised to me as "the best book you'll ever read" and "the reality itself". OK, I took it with an open mind and started reading. No googling before, no background info. It was the most dreadful book I have ever read. It may contain some useful advice, but I've read it in its entirety and I found nothing that would apply to my life or my lifestyle; on the opposite, I found many repetitive, badly written and empty or downright dangerous slogans, which my Amway friends seem to love: Don't work for money, make money work for you. Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. A steady job means slaving away for everyone but yourself. Etc etc. I could go on and on, I just think that it's unnecessary because the exact same things you are describing here on your blog. I haven't read your blog enough to find out if you've written anything about these materials - if you have, could you please point out the posts, or if you haven't then could you write about your experiences with these?

I am scared to think that these wonderful people I know are turning into "ambots"; I can see the changes so clearly. And I know they are already programmed to the point that they shun all negativity, so if I show them any Amway-opposing site, they will just spit at it. It must be the most dreadful experience to have a person you love taken away from you in this way.

I really want to believe they are going to wake up one day.

Keep up the good work, greetings from Europe!

Anonymous said...

anyone who has lost money to such garbage like this has EVERY RIGHT to be emotional, agnes!

ExAmbot said...


If your friends are well off now how much more emotional would you be if they were suffering financially and you knew they were wasting away their $$$ for their family? How about you multiply that with millions? Yes millions of ambots? Less than 1% make pelf in these MLM scams. I laud you wanting to learn more about this scam.

ExAmbot said...

"What's Wrong With A Job?"

Nothing. A job is as it is. It's the job holder's responsibility to move on away to green pastures if they outgrow their current job. It's a natural process. Wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

If you do a simple comparison you wll see iBo according to a way earns 200dollars monthly gross before expenses. Assume expenses are 400 monthly. Hence better of not being in. Now you might rise up to platinum where you may break even. So why bother. Even then only % will get that far. You may progress to diamond. That will take 10 years and you will make according to a way on average 147 k annually.
Only a fraction of 1% will get that far. And you will work 7 days a week to get there and to stay there. So no matter how you look at it this is a terrible opportunity

amwayscam said...

Unless and until you tell them existing source of income is bad, there are hardly any chances of sustained commitment from IBOs. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer job income and Amway income is claimed to be transferred. But no one can be seen getting such money from parents and forefathers in the real world.

Unknown said...

What questions do you want me to ask my uplins