Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who's Getting Rich In Amway?

One of the things my upline used to say was that Amway is not "get rich quick". I suppose they say this because most people would more likely think scam if they promoted it that way. But when you stop and think about it, 2-5 years, build it right and you have willable, residual income for like while walking the beaches of the world? That's not get rich quick? Or is ot more of a disclaimer so that the opportunity doesn't sound "too good to be true"? One thing is for sure, even if uplines tell you that it's not get rich quick, it's obvious that IBOs think they will eventually get rich, even if it's not quick.

What most IBOs don't figure out quickly enough, is that they are unlikely to even make a profit, let alone getting rich in Amway. How many of these peoplle exist? Where are all of these retired Amway IBOs who built a business in 2-5 years and then walked away from their business and will be collecting a significant residual income for many years to come afterwards? I don't know of a single person who has done this and none of the Amway defenders and zealots I have encountered over the years has been able to supply this information either. I still see Crown Ambassadors and double diamonds working the functions and open meetings. Nobody wants to "walk away" and collect income forever? Maybe these diamonds and big pins are working because they have to??

I can acknowledge that Amway is a business opportunity and will definitely take some work to be able to achieve something. But thinking realistically, what business could you actually be able to walk away in 2-5 years and not work again? More than likely that business doesn't exist, whether it's Amway or not. Say you opened a conventional business. There wouldn't be many scenarios where you could walk away after a number of years. The business would still require work and maintenance. But for some reason, people are mislead to believe that you can do this in Amway where there is a high attrition rate and where your business can only expand by person to person, not to mention that segments of your business can collapse at the drop of a hat.

Sadly, many of the people who are attracted to the Amway opportunity are often young people looking to get more out of life. They are often ambitious but may lack a means to gain wealth, thus the appeal of the opportunity is there. Unfortunately, these nice young people are more likely to end up channeling their hard earned dollars into standing orders and functions which will almost guarantee that they end up with a net loss. The bottom line is that not only is Amway not get rich quick. The more likely scenario is that your involvement with Amway will very likely be not getting rich at all. A net loss is the most likely result. I challenge anyone to try and prove me wrong on this point. The only ones who are getting rich from Amway are the owners of Amway and a select few who profit from Amway and your purchases of tools.


Anonymous said...

I think most people realise this. Thats why there is such a big drop out rate. There are many diamonds whose business has crumbled. Over here in the uk none of the 30 or so who reached diamond level in the eighties and nineties are still in the business. Im sure in the usa a big number of former diamonds saw the same thing happen.

Anonymous said...

I think the diamonds will always need to work the business. Quit rates are high so if the diamond is not driving new recruiting all the time his group will shrink. And even if they work it , its not certain they can match the drop out rate for a long time across all of their 6 legs.

Anonymous said...

Who gets rich in Amway, it is Amway company itself because I know some of the former employees who had miserable time, just like IBOs. Who else get rich in Amway? The affiliated system owners, such as Bill Britt or whomsoever. Question should be who all get poor in Amway? Everyone! Even some of the diamonds in India fell out of the business quite dramatically. Do I know who gets rich not at all, but who gets poorer? Yeah almost every IBO until they quit they keep hitting downhill.

Unknown said...

I was in Amway for very short period of time, when I realized I will loose more than get any. Also loose some friends and was afraid I become myself brainwashed agressive pusher for Amway products. I think those few that are on highest positions and are worshiped by thousands, gives big speeches etc are probably part of the Company, positioned there with intent to sell the dream of becoming rich, like it is possible with Amway. I don't beleive they become ambassadors or something on high position by starting as mostly people who joins do. They are part of the company, the image of sucess that Amway used to deceive and to profit on ordinary people.