Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Amway Will Make Me Rich?

I was told that Amway can make you rich. Many IBOs say they were told that Amway was not "get rich quick". But obviously, someone must have given them the impression that Amway would eventually make them rich, otherwise, why would anyone join? Why would anyone want to work that hard and embarrass themselves in front to friends and family to promote a business that will more likely get you funny looks than money. But can Amway actually make you rich? While certainly, some people have accumulated wealth because of Amway, but what is the likelihood that you will do so? I've heard the justification that you can make more than your sponsor. Big deal, it is most likely to happen because your sponsor quits. And certainly, those who think they will earn more than the established diamonds are fooling themselves.

Well, yeah, Amway can make you rich if you are a diamond selling voicemail services, books, standing orders and function tickets. Amway can make you rich if you own Amway and sell to millions of IBOs who "buy from themselves". Amway can make you rich if you write a book that millions of IBOs purchase. Amway can make you rich if you can get enough loyal downline to keep purchasing products so that you can get the bonuses. But aside from these few people who I just described, the Amway opportunity is more likely to make you broke, or at least lighter in the pockets.

Most IBOs do not even earn enough to cover their monthly voicemail expenditures, much less the other support materials that are pushed on the downline in groups such as WWDB or BWW, or N21. These materials are touted as the "key to success" in Amway when in reality, it is the key to success for the uplines who share in the profits from these materials. The real kicker is despite claims that these materials are key to success, the uplines get their followers to blame themselves if the system doesn't work for them. Kind of like tossing a coin and saying "heads I win, tails you lose". Upline wins as long as you buy support materials from them, and your results are of no consequence to them. In fact they probably don't want new diamonds as they would then have to share the tool money. Upline's goals looks pretty apparent. Get you to buy tools and replace you if you quit. Or to sucker you into becoming a loyal tool/function customer.

So can Amway make you rich? I would guess it is possible, but it is also possible for you to win the powerball lottery. It is possible for your to inherit wealth from a long lost uncle. It's possible. Amway folks only show best case scenario and not the most likely one. It takes normally, over 100 downline IBOs to create a platinumship. And a platinumship occurs less than once in 200 IBOs. And at that level, you likely make little profit or break even. Do you want to defy odds and reach the top 1-2% of Amway IBOs only to break even? Do the math. Ask tough questions. Face reality. Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

I cant see how you can make money at amway. To be a diamond you need a few thousand people in your group. How are you going to find all these people. To be a diamond you need to contact propect several thousand people to find a handfull of leaders. Where will you find them. To be a diamond you need to work 7 days a week for up to 10 years. Its not worth giving up your life for that. When you reach diamond you need to continue working hard to keep your group growing to replace the high quit rates. At diamond you rearn 150 k per year before taxes and expenses. Not bad but not millionaire living. If you wish to keep your business alive you need to work hard for the rest of your days. You can never stop or retire, no freedom. Now as joecool says as a diamond you may be able to share in profits from tools. This can generate income but be careful to not that tell your group they are contributing to your income. So i dont see any reason to do this business.