Monday, March 4, 2013

Amway Is Efficient?

I remember seeing the plan as a prospect back over a dozen years ago. I remember the speaker talking about how you can capitalize on distribution efficiencies to make money. We as IBOs would simply cut out the middleman and that savings would be psssed onto us as IBOs. In its simplest form, it made sense and and misconception passed onto the audience that you will actually save money by ourchasing Amway products. I even remember the speakers saying that even if the whole world signed up for Amway, even the last guy getting would would have the benefir of saving money. Looking back now, much of it was deception and lies. And to think, people now and back then paid good money for training on how to become, in my opinion, the least efficient manner in which to move products.

We recently enjoyed the Superbowl. And as you know, superbowl commercials can cost millions of dollars. But do you know why? It's because hundreds of millions of people across the world are tuned into the superbowl. Companies probably have their best staff working on developing these commercials because they want to leave a lasting impression on their viewers. And it apparently works because people today are still willing to shell out serious coin for these commercials.

Amway IBOs advertise person to person, one person at a time.

What are the chances of an IBO ever moving a significant amount of products or being able to reach out to potential new downline when they prospect person to person, face to face, one at a time? To me, that is the most inefficient manner of expanding business. And let's face it, Amway's rules don't help when you are not supposed to advertise online without special permissions and you are not supposed to sell product on Ebay or Craigslist. In today's technological society, it seems almost crippling to be so inefficient.

And even your beloved uplines, at your expense, run the most inefficient manner of doing business. Who needs voicemail when we have facebook, email, twitter or text messaging? Not to mention the added expense IBOs face by these outdated technologies. Also, with video conferencing, skype, or webcams, why do people need to travel long distances for meetings and functions? The answer is simple, your upline might not want your success, they simply might just want your money. All of the training and motivation is a profit center for upline and modernizing would simply reduce their tool profits.

Try asking that of your upline. Why do we keep using the most expensive and inefficient means of doing business and communicating? I'd be curious to hear that answer.


Anonymous said...

Hello joe cool. I have been reading the blog for a while. Have to say you show a good understanding of this and make very relevant and true comments. What i dont understand is how you and your regular commenters ever saw an opportunity in this. I saw this plan many years ago. To me products completely over priced,low commissions , no sustainability and the model has as objective to find as many competitors for you (new ibos) as possible. And finally i could not find anyone who made money except a few sitting on top of the pyramid and even those may not have been making much. At least they were not capable of presenting accounting records to show it. My potential sponsor would only say you have to trust and believe. Thats ok for a religion but not for a business opportunity. Not for me.

Joecool said...

Hi, thanks for you comment. I got in because a good friend of mine had gotten in. He showed me the plan and I said no. A year later he went direct and told me it was "duck soup" and that he could easily show me how he did it. I gave it a try. I actually got to a fairly high level and realized that the money wasn't there. A few other unethical things done by my upline and the decision to quit was easy.

Anonymous said...

I was in the same boat at Joe. A few of my friends got in b/c I was in. However, me being a friend meant more than Amway so as I started to see the BS I told my friends and apologized for even bringing it up. Once they saw my enthusiasm go out the window (considering I was the only person doing anything) they all questioned me as to what happened. I told them my experience and we all quit on the same day.

Anonymous said...

"The answer is simple, your upline might not want your success, they simply might just want your money."
Apparently your uplines didn't do a good job teaching you about how IBOs' compensation plan works. The only way your upline will make significant money is IF YOU make money with the structure. There are 2 things an IBO must do, consume 150 PV (otherwise you can't qualify even if your downlines have a total of 7500 pv) and look grow your structure. Unless you have a better business idea or money to make a more profitable business amway is a great way of making money and having a business by putting lots of effort into it rather than lots of money (like most businesses take).