Thursday, March 7, 2013

IBOFightback Explains Why The Amway Business Is Not Sustainable?

IBOFIghtback, AKA Icerat AKA Insider inadvertently explains why the Amway business is not sustainable. It would also explain why residual income is basically a myth. Of course he was doing this to justify the low average earnings, but instead explained why the Amway business is not sustainable and why most IBOs should not expect to make money, even with sponsored downline.

Yup, and that's just fine. [i]Since the vast majority of them have no expectation to make money and indeed don't even try[/I]

He is saying that the vast majority of IBOs have no expectation to make money and indeed don't even try. That alone means most people who attempt to build an Amway business are doomed for failure? Why? Because the vast majority of people have no expectation of making money and don't even try.

What can someone expect when they sign up downline? That they will do nothing? IBOFightback goes onto say that indeed most IBOs never even bother to place an order!!
WIth most IBOs doing nothing and/or not even bothering to place an order, what can an IBO expect when they sponsor people? They can expect their downline to not place and order and to not make any money!!

Amway's own literature suggests that only about 1 out of 5 IBOs sponsor a downline to begin with. And when you do sponsor someone, chances are that they will do nothing. Indeed they are unlikely to even place an order!

Having this knowledge, you can easily discern that making money in Amway and sustaining it is virtually impossible. First off, Amway has a soiled reputation in the US. You will need to get some training in order to present the business in order to recruit downline. The training and other business expenses may vary depending on your upline or LOS. And then after you are trained, if you sponsor someone, your likely result will be downline who have no expectations of making money and indeed don't even try.

IBOFightback has a (bad) reputation for using any manner to defend Amway, even resorting to personal attacks to divert the conversation away from Amway. But in this instance, he unknowingly explains exactly why IBOs don't make money, but he also explains why even an exceptional IBO is unlikely to be able to sustain a steady business.

Because the vast majority of IBOs have no expectation to make money and indeed don't even try. The rest is self explanatory!


Anonymous said...

As a former platimum i agree with joe cool. Im not anti amway. I still use their products (25 years later) and i follow amways progress out of general interest. But the business is effectively unsustainable. That does not mean its impossible. A few did it. But it means it is impossible for the vast majority. The proof is there. Read amway wiki. Many diamonds with no downline or only one. There were unable to sustain it. And these are guys who had the leadership skills to get to diamond. But still could not sustain it. If these cant do then realistically not many can. I can list about 100 diamonds from my time. Non are still in it except a few. None of them lasted. So facts are facts. Its not sustainable. If it was there would be loads of people showing what they made from it. Reality is you dont see more than a few showing high income levels.and evryone saying how much they will make. :aving daid that if someone wants to make a few additional dollars like my current ibo supplier , thats possible. But thats it.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comments. What you say makes perfect sense and is in line with what IBOFightback is saying.