Friday, March 8, 2013

An Anonymous Amway Testimony

A blog visitor sent me this email yesterday. It might he helpful to some people so I'll post it.

We were part of what im coming to find out as a smaller more unknown team in our region. I’ve run into many Amroids since I first joined until now, and they’ve always seemed to be part of N21 or BWW or WWDB but im not sure if our group was any of those? We were part of something called the UR Association. I believe through some unspoken issues years ago in upline, our group was adopted either to Dexter Yagers organization or from his organization. Its never been fully or properly explained to us. Anyway, my upline always had CDs from multiple organizations teaching systems, and we purchased them all. This was because we partly refused to sign up with URA and partly because we just didn’t have to money for that type of monthly fee. We weren’t on Kate either because of this. When my significant other (SO) and I first joined almost 4 years ago, we were typical for this business; broke, unemployed, and young. We went through the paces or coming out to the meetings as guests for free, attending some product expos, etc, until one day it started costing us as guests (we were still evaluating at the time) to attend the regular open meetings. Foolishly, we figured “well we might as well sign up then!”

Looking back now, all the signs were there for us to see since the start. After we got in, our uplines group slowly fell apart. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen his group grow or be on the rise since I joined. I was told of the glory days just months before of how there were over 100 people in his group attending functions, all the pin levels on his team, the recognitions they’ve received, etc. When we joined and he was on the decline, we thought nothing of it, as it was played off as normal and that “Some Will, Some Wont, So What, Some Where, Six Will, so Stop Whining, and Start Working”. We also attended a major Family Reunion shortly after officially signing up and again, the signs were always there, but we just never noticed. That function that we went to was the largest our upline Diamonds organization was we’d ever see. Our open meetings slowly began getting smaller, and we had to increase ticket costs to “pay for the room”. It went from an open meeting every 2 weeks at $5 to an open meeting once a month at $10. Over the years it started switching locations as well, from one hotel conference room to another, and now it is currently held at a Condo, in the main floors’ lobby room (I believe there is still a cost incurred)

One of the CDs that we were always so “keen” to listen to was one by a young diamond from the US, who built a good portion of his organization in Hawaii and in the western states. He’s young, funny, relatable, and therefore an obvious hit with our young group. Anyway, on his CD he mentions that the only “negative thing that can be found online about Amway is that we allegedly make all our money off books and CDs”. Im loosely paraphrasing, but basically he went on saying “…like that’s a bad thing. Think about it, whats the first thing you do when you are successful at something? Golfing, any sport, a business? Don’t you write a book, cut a CD and go on public speaking events?!” Which of course when twisted around it does seem to make sense, so we never really questioned it. We thought Wow these are totally honest about it! Theres not really much else to write about at this point, like I said earlier, a lot of your blogs were 100% correct about what still goes on. The mind games, what uplines say, whats said at opens, all of it. My SO and I reached a max of I believe 300/400 PV and 200PV respectively. SO had a slightly larger group (we were building it separately at the time) with maybe 5-6 downline at its peak, and I had maximum 2. We’ve been in it for 4 years and have seen no results. Despite having no money for monthly subscriptions to books and CDs, we were core. We tried our best to get the proper 50/150, we always used all the products and promoted it like crazy. We tried contacting all the time, and showed plans whenever we could. We listened, read, attended all functions, were accountable, honest, and the only thing we didn’t have was Kate. But the results were never there. Even with the amount of downline each of us had at our maximum, we still never broke more then 300-400PV. It just wasn’t happening. Since we’ve stopped, I have purchased a new(er) car, 2010 top trim, and with a 1 year delayed gratification goal, we saved enough money for a destination vacation paid for in cash. We spared no expense while we were there and bought all sorts of gifts for our friends and ourselves. We are also planning more trips in this coming year.

There are little details here and there im sure i could mention about the really crazy BS we've been through, but perhaps another time :) we're in a phase right now of not thinking about it or dealing with it.

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

Thats a good story. From my experience its typical. You sponsor a few people and it never goes much further. In fact you did more than most. I built a group of a hundred to get to platinum and in less than a year. But it was not worth the effort so i quit. Even at diamond level i dont believe its worth it. Income after expenses is low. And in anycase practically all the diamonds dont sustain it. Now for anyone really wanting to make it, i think you need to be contacting several hundred people per month and sponsoring 2 or 3 a week. Do this for ten years and you might be diamond. Do it for 20 and you might be crown. The few how got to that level dedicated thei lives to it.

Anonymous said...

I read amway wiki and noticed in the usa the crowns all date from 1980 or thereabouts except a few. Also in the crowns practically all have no downlines so i assume their business has collapsed and probably never was very strong However for crown ambassadors , practically all have several legs and many high pins in each leg. Would seem these are strong businesses assuming at least some of these high pins are requalified.

Anonymous said...

Amway says estimated sales at retail price is 11.3 billion. As 95% of sales are not at retail i assume real sales (taking out retail commissions of 30%) are about 8 billion.

Joecool said...

Good observation. I think it's probable.

Joecool said...

I wonder what sales would be without IBO personal use included?

Less than 1 billion?

Anonymous said...

I know this is super old but I actually was pitched joining a team that is part of UR Association last week! I had never heard of it before and to be honest, it's been hard to search and find stuff on this particular branch of the company. I do know it's part of Amway but that's basically it. Granted, I asked a lot of questions but the person of course had no solid answers to give. Thanks for sharing your story and making me feel better about dodging a bullet!

Joecool said...

Glad you got something useful from this blog.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, when I was 18 I had a friend who would bring me to these meetings and things and her and her father would be trying to recruit me and others. My boyfriend just had an experience with being offered to join to but I warned him it was fishy. Lots of covering up and false hope. So sad to see they're recruiting so young.

Joecool said...

The Amway folks will recruit anyone with a pulse it's scary when they recruit young people and encourage them to skip college and spend their money on Amway crap.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to recruit young people because they are naive, hopeful, and often at loose ends. They also are disinclined to do research.

Anonymous said...

Wow you just stole your boyfriends dream... if he was serious about being in business for himself and at a young age he could be financially independent in his 20’s... amway is a 60yo business who is partnered with hundreds of businesses. Even Apple is partnered with them. Don’t you think if the business was fishy Apple of all companies wouldn’t go near it!!? You have to agree that Apple and Nike and Macy’s and all these other stores have lawyers and other legal teams doing actual research on the company! Not reading blogs. I stumbled upon this blog just looking up what silly things people can say. It’s sad... amway is just a manufacture and distribution company. The individuals the IBO’s are the heart of the business. We are our own store. It’s amazing. Imagine owning Amazon! Except Amway is 4x larger with way more business. 40million hits a day on amway’s website. Amazon gets 30-40million hits a week!

I’m blessed to associate with people of integrity and motivation and ambition and selflessness. You have no idea obviously. An upline will put in more time and money of their own to help someone succeed. I know my upline has helped me so much. This is a helping others business. You have to help others succeed which is how you succeed. If that concept is over your head I’m sorry. It’s a cut throat world out there and that’s pathetic. If only more people saw better values in life than just in their own selfishness. God says in the Bible to help your fellow man. What type of business is better than being able to help others which inevitably makes you win too!!!

I could comment on everyone’s posts here today because they make me sad that people are one ignorant on how to do legit business research and it’s sad how lazy people are. It’s not even laziness. You have to work harder and forever at your job but in this business learning and APPLYING the skills you learn can creat a solid financial independence within your life. Could it take 2,5,6,10,20 years to do that!? Yep it’s all up to the person doing the work. Heck if it took me 20 years to go Diamond that’s cool. I’ll never live a Diamond life style period from working a JOB!

So if you saw this business from anyone that’s a blessing. Maybe the person sharing the info isn’t the best person to work with but there are others!!! Real people starting at 18 yo and making $70 a year on the side of their jobs. I know plenty and I’m on that path myself. When Diamond after Diamond is earned and more and more people in their 20’s are becoming finacially independent and retiring from their jobs. You should just I dunno look harder at your own life and ask if you’re around people with any good fruit on the tree!?

If living a selfish mediocre life is all you want. Well I’m sorry for your family. But that’s ok because we get to choose how we live. It’s just better to choose greatness and create a legacy for our children and so on. I’m passionate about what this business provides and the association you get to be around.

It’s a blessing in my life and so many others.

If you come across shady people walk away but when someone no shady shares this option with you take it seriously. It will change your life if you’re coachable!!! That’s key! You have to be willing to grow and change and develop and go after your goals and dreams like your life depends on it. It kinda does or else those dreams are pipe dreams.

Amway aka The American Way!!! ����

Learn about the company not the lame sk8rboy66 experiance! Be your own person and make choices your future self and future kids and grandkids will thank you for!!!

Jobs won’t help them. They are made to pay bills. Not create lifestyle.

Ok rant over. I just dislike seeing people so ignorantly walk away from something I know is actually amazing and have people walk away uneducated. Man it makes me sad but even more fired up to win so I can inspire others so they don’t miss this amazing life changing opportunity.

Seriously. ❤️����

Anonymous said...

Only crappy people do that. Amway allows anyone the opportunity to own a business but not everyone has the morals and integrity to create a winning environment. I don’t know anyone in our business team that would ever encourage quitting school. NO WAY!! But they will help people pay for it in cash or quickly help pay off the loans (quick as in 2-5 years).

When someone new on our team was just starting she was encouraged to wait a few months and enjoy the last year of her college career and enjoy her dance and cheerleading passion. Why because those things were important to her and now she’s on her way to an extra $40k a year on the side of her job as a kick boxing coach. She finished school and enjoyed her cheerleading and dance life. Now those passions are still there but on hold while she creates financial independence for her and her future family. She’s becoming debt free and growing into just an awesome woman!!! She’s been in business a couple years now and is in her young 20’s!

She’s one of hundreds doing this just in our team alone. She’s cross-line of me and I’m so happy she’s here in my life as inspiration and as a friend.

I’ve been in business longer than her and wasn’t finding success but I also did less than the bare minimum that was advised. Now putting in the actual work with more I could be doing I’m seeing great growth and more and more results.

Luckily I’m no quitter! What would I quit and go back to!! A life of slavery to a job I’d never be able to afford to retire from.?

98% of people in the world fail financially.
98% of adults 65 and older are not financially independent. Where do you think Walmart gets all their door greeters from!? All the old broke people that couldn’t get by on their retirement plans from their jobs!
2% of people make it financially and less than 1% live a life most can’t dream of.

Why? They think differently and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

You have to have a whatever it takes mentality and then a moral association to be guided by. A mentor. All wealthy people have mentors and multiple revenue streams (not multiple jobs that’s not the same thing).

You have to have integrity in life and just allow yourself to grow. Get out of your own way. Stop holding yourself back and go freaking win.

Or you can let poppygirl44 post something and make up your mind for you and never get anywhere in life and when you’re 67yo feeling like 1000yo wondering what happened. You worked yourself at a job that did what for you?

Not knocking jobs people care about. Like doctors and police officers and things like that. We need job people but that doesn’t mean you can’t also own a business that creates the revenue you need to actually enjoy life and help others like your kids or parents or an aunt or just someone that needs help!

People need to stop being selfish. Hey if you’re great living on a $50k year income awesome. Go out and make $600k a year, keep the $50k and give the rest away!


Anonymous said...

Research isn’t done on a blog duh!! Apple and Home Depot and all the other partner stores affiliated with Amway. THEY DO RESEARCH and have huge legal teams that actually know business. They linked up with amway so yeah!

Hahaha I think is funny when I meet people that work at the partner stores and they question the legitimacy of this business. Like dude you work for a company that’s already in business with amway ������

People just are so ignorant and lazy!!!

Amway has an A+ Rating from the better business bureau. Is in 180 countries. Yeah amway brought free Enterprise to countries like China! That’s not a free country people. Wake up!

The President one of the owners of Amway is the current chairman of board for the United States Chamber of Commerce. He regulates all business in the whole country. He’s been elected three times his father was elected two times the only family ever to have multiple terms and the only family to serve in the position over multiple generations. This position is elected by the largest business heads in the country. It’s the most prestigious position in business period.

I’m glad I think for myself and don’t look up others options for my future. If you were going to school to be a doctor are you going to quit when you realize the success rate of doctors!? Yes it’s a “safe” field. We always need doctors but are you willing to move to anywhere to get a job? You realize you may not get a position as a doctor for a while or where you want.

You know what’s super awesome to know that the HEAD surgeon in the whole state of VA is an amway IBO.

So for all the people working at Target or at an accounting firm (which my husband is senior supervisor of his firm ����) or maybe you’re a teacher or in car sales or you’re a nurse or a college student or a division1 athlete (yeah we work with a few of you guys too.) this business is amazing. You just have to have grit and be around people winning so they can teach you. But you have to be coaching and do the actual work they suggest you do.

Joecool said...

LOL, research isn't done on a blog yet here you are! Apple and Home Depot have great legal teams and decided to "partner" with Amway? Did Amway do the same when they partnered with Enron and WrodlCom? If they are partners, why does Amway sell stuff for their'partners" but the partners do nothing for Amway? I believe you are badly mistaken about the ter partners. Amway has an A rating from the BBB? Nice. What kind of rating does YOUR business or your upline's business have from the BBB? You aren't Amway.

The head surgeon of VA is in Amway? Nice. The head surgeon in all others states are not. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Man, this bitch can really go on and on, can't she? Three separate long-winded postings in row!

She sounds exactly like an Amway CD. There isn't a cliche that she doesn't spout.

Anonymous said...

I was recently recruited, got to the 4th step, and was offered a partnership if I paid $240. When my friend told me about this opportunity he did not mention I would have to pay a fee. Granted, the service seemed cheap but the reaction from the mentor was very mean. I was told that others had done these great things to come up with the money. I like planning and I am (mostly) responsible with my money. I was honest and said I could not, in good conscience, make a promise until a later date. This is when I was told that I did not have what it takes, I have a defeatist attitude, etc. It was bizarre and awkward. They sensed the awkwardness because I just shut down at that point. I have a background with abusive relationships and that is what it became. A good coach brings people up when they are down, they do not belittle them. I spent quite a bit of money on gas getting to these meetings and was told that a mentor would meet their partner half way. Do they really? There is opportunity for me to grow and I am very glad this did not work out. They will turn on you in a second if you don't pay up. It is amazing to me that someone referenced the Bible on here and helping our fellow Man. Do you? I would rather be poor and happy than have all the money promised to me by this company and their recruits... even if I could use that money to help others. This has at least helped me gain a different perspective of the business world. It is selfishness disguised as righteousness. Self preservation is not selfishness, and helping recruit people to make a profit is not selflessness. The end goal should be to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. I planned to use my time and money for that. I guess now I can look inward and become a better person to bless others around me the best I can without enormous amounts of money.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:32 PM --

You have luckily escaped from a dangerous fate. Amway is indeed the Cult of Greed, and when it comes to payment of fees, Amway up-line can be as savage as loansharks.

When you refused to pay that unexpected $240 fee, the "mentor" turned on you like a rattlesnake. I have heard this many times from persons who were being recruited into Amway. The mentor realizes, from long experience, that only a thoroughly brainwashed prospect will pay the partnership fee without question. But someone who is still rational and independent and self-aware will hesitate or refuse.

If the prospect hold back or shows any signs of independent thought, the Amway "mentor" realizes that the case is hopeless. He becomes angry because he wasted time and energy on you. So naturally he becomes abusive and insulting, as happened in your case.

You say that in Amway "there is selfishness disguised as righteousness." Never a truer statement was made. Persons in Amway are filled with a disgusting self-righteousness that makes them feel contempt and loathing for anyone who declines to be a part of their racket.

You escaped. Be grateful!