Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amway WWDB Practices?

In looking back at my IBO days, I can now laugh at some of the weird stuff we did and believe it or not, I have reason to believe that my old LOS, WWDB still teaches some of this and some other major groups also teach it. I believe some of these practices were the reason why some people refer to the Amway business as cult or having cult like qualities. If you recognize some of these practices, you might be in an unethical group and you should ask your upline the tough questions and possibly reconsider or reprioritize your involvement in the business, especially if you can't get straight answers to your questions.

Submission to upline was one of the things we were told. Our group was told that upline would never purposely lead us astray so we should trust them and never try anything without checking upline. Afterall, upline had experience and probably had all the answers. Some of this checking upline included asking permission to get married, buy a car or a home, or even something as small as purchasing a camera. The upline said maybe someone upline might have advice on how to get a good deal on a camera so no harm in checking upline before making a purchase. It is my guess that upline didn't want your disposable income being spent on anything other than standing orders and functions.

Late meetings. Our upline was into late meetings, many occuring after midnight. I suppose it was a show of loyalty and dedication to the upline and the system. In reality, it made most people angry at their jobs because they had to wake up early to go to work. For me it made me mad at our upline because the meetings taught us nothing of substance and it just made us tired. Our upline used to talk about time being important but it was never important enough to make him show up on time for his own late night meetings. Another cult like factor - sleep deprivation.

Secrets. Anytime we asked about how much income uplines may have been earning, we were either told it's none of our business or shown a photocopy of a 5 year old bonus check that someone upline may have received. Our proof that the business worked was upline showing off pictures of sports cars and mansions. Of course we now find that some WWDB diamonds had homes foreclosed, and one prominent triple diamond had some dealings in bankruptcy court. Looking back, I suspect that many diamonds have mortgages, which would be nor problem except that these leaders scoffed at the sutpidity of having a loan. That diamonds pay cash for everything, including homes. My former sponsor still lives in a run down rented home beause he won't purchase a home unless he's got the cash. My former sponsor is a physician so I find his position on buying a home preposterous. His oldest child, a son probably grew up deprived of his parents because of dedication to the system and the functions.

Losing money is success. Many times, our group was told that losing money was a sign of success. It was success because we were investing in our futures. That the business really is not about money but about friendships. I suppose upline taught this because everyone was losing money so it was nice to hear that success was around the corner, and that we were all nicer people and on our way to success if we just attended more functions and bought more standing orders. People who sold off some of their personal property were edified if they did so to attend a function. Obviously these folks were not advised to run their business within their means. Upline even said that going into debt was okay, but only if the debt was to invest in the business or to buy extra function tickets.

While some of these practices seem bizarre, I believe it is because the upline advice was self serving and meant to channel their downline's dollars into tool purchases. It is the only conclusion I can make. What's your conclusion?


Anonymous said...

Some things to consider:
When you are stuck in a job for 40 years of your life, always having to answer to someone else - I ask you: whats MORE like a cult? The job world, where you cannot make decisions as to when to take vacations, how much you are paid, when you should wake up and when you should have time to spend with your family, which includes sleep deprivation from long hours at a job you could or could not have passion for, but in the end is just "payin bills"? Spending time building a business and influncing success principles into your children, or working overtime and only seeing your children between school and bed, teaching them nothing about building a life of success. Clearly you havent learned how to be successful and how to build a business. I suggest going outside of your box and speak to any small business owner - store owner, contracter, etc; and ask how much spare time they have.
Through WWDB, my coaches have taught me self worth, pride, to achieve my dreams - and principles to be successful in ALL areas of life; to use my spare time WISELY - so I am in meetings in the evening, not watching TV.
Im curious what your sources are for the bankruptcy you claim the diamonds make.

Joecool said...

When you're in Amway, you answer to upline who is basically your boss except you pay them instead of the other way around in a job. Try taking a vacation in Amway and missing some major functions and see what your upline says. What success principles are you learning in Amway? To make false promises to your kids? You talk about self worth and all kinds of fluff but I noticed you didn't say you made any money.

Right here:

Triple diamond in bankruptcy. There are public records for that.

Joecool said...

How about a diamond losing a home to foreclosure?

Great financial mentors aren't they? Such integrity!

Anonymous said...

Hi anon. Nobody is stuck in a job for 40 years. They can change if they wish. They are in jobs becuasue they get well paid, have evenings and weekends free and can go on vacation. In amway you dont have that. You are used for a number of months, even years to buy products you dont need and tools that are useless other than making money for uplines. Ive nothing against amway. If poeople want it good luck to them. Only want to point out nobody makes money at this except a select few.

Anonymous said...

Anon CLEARLY you haven't learned how to build a successful business either. If you had, you wouldn't be here, talking down on those you thinl beneath you. You would be too busy spending time with your family, on a beach, or a boat, sleeping til noon. Instead you go picking a fight because the life and spirit you once lived with is now extinguished.
Spending time with your kids only between school and bed is a sign of a poor life? That is the time your kids have for you. Do you want to be too busy selling dreams all evening (using your spare time WISELY) to miss that time with your kids?

Anonymous said...

When assessing your upline (or potential upline), including the leaders of the upline group (Leadership Team Development-LTD, for example), it is eye-opening to compare them to the traits belonging to sociopathic people (sociopaths).

Anonymous said...

Joecool your link to the foreclosure was over 10 years ago when the event happened

Anonymous said...

what's your point?