Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Are Amway IBO's "Brainwashed"?

From Brainwashing:

1. a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, esp. through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.

2. any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, esp. one based on repetition or confusion: brainwashing by TV commercials.

3. an instance of subjecting or being subjected to such techniques: efforts to halt the brainwashing of captive audiences.

**When I was an IBO, our upline told us that we as IBOs needed to be brainwashed. That our brains had too much negative and that we basically needed to be re-programmed to think positively. That the standing order and functions and association would brainwash us for success. At least that was the pitch.

Having been removed from the business for some time now, I can see the strategy of the upline. Yes, they want to change your thinking, but not for the reasons they claim. They simply want IBOs to be positive about the Amway oppportunity and the tools business. By getting IBOs to have a myopic positive view of Amway and the tools, there is a better chance of retaining that IBO in the business, even if the IBO is losing money, month after month after month. They remain positive and think that their next plan or the next month will bring results that they have been working towards. Maybe success is right around the corner. Or at least they have become nicer people by staying in the business. Many IBOs forget why they joined the business in the first place, which was to make money!

While there may not be phyiscal coercion or torture as decribed in the textbook definition, I believe there is a systematic method of mind control at work. For example, uplines already know most of the objections by prospects so they program an IBO's response. Thus the term "tapespeak" as many IBOs give the same predictable answer to common questions. Uplines will also cleverly talk about how Amway is "hard work". I believe this is to avoid the claim of something being too good to be true because it involves work. But IBOs must have the idea that they will be rich. Why would someone agree to hard work for little rewards? It is why uplone will show off wealth such as showing slideshows of cars or mansions. Of course, they will never show their business tax returns as REAL business owners would do. If they did, I think many IBOs and prospects would be shocked at the poor financial conditions of the leaders they look up to. There is plenty of evidence out there. A prominent diamond in bankruptcy proceedings, diamonds having homes foreclosed, diamonds selling off homes. The list goes on.....

For IBOs and people seeking information on Amway, I urge you not to shut off your common sense when taking a look at the business. Contrary to what some uplines teach, the FACTS do matter and your bottom line (profit or loss) is just about the most important thing in running a business. Beware of brainashing and indoctrination, less you end up sounding like a mindless robot defending Amway when you are suffering a net loss of income every month.

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Anonymous said...

There may not be physical coercion, as in torture of the body, but they do use some forms of it. They may not cause direct harm, but they convince the subject to deprive themselves of sleep and food, leaving the body, and the mind, vulnerable to suggestion. The line I was exposed to was very big on being very physically fit. After all, fat people can't sell health products. So, they starve themselves, go on crash diets of XS, Perfect Water and meal replacement bars, (in conjunction with extreme exercise) all in the interest of better representing their product. They don't look fit, they look sick.
Also, I'm sure we have all been exposed to the sleep deprivation and mental wear of a weekend with your LOS and AMO. "This meeting will run about 3 hours".... 5 hours later, its over. "You should be able to head home by midnight"....then 4 AM rolls around. They convince you to be the last to leave because the most important information may be given to you as the diamond pays his check at the after after after after meeting. They wear you ragged, and therefore, more open to suggestion.
Unless the lack of time management upset you and therefore caused you to shut down and shut out, as they wasted more and more of your time (this is what happened to me and I ended up making many other IBOs dislike me as I opined my distaste for their lack of time management (after all, time is money)), you have been sucked in.
They never give you that piece of information. If they had some gem that would certainly help you go diamond, it would be the first thing they covered up on that stage. Instead, they wear you down, leave you hanging for that gem, so you can chase this false brass ring.

The purpose of it is to keep you coming back for more, in HOPES of finding your saving grace advice. All you will find is more bait, more hooks, and more CDs.