Monday, July 29, 2013

Can You Really Trust Your Amway Upline?

Based on my observations of diamond's behaviors over the years, I have come to the conclusion that many of these men in nice suits and flashy smiles are in reality, cut throat ruthless businessmen. I would not be surprised if some of them would literally steal candy from a baby. During my tenure in Amway, I heard many instances of "never miss a meeting" and "do whatever it takes". These kinds of thins were said to downline IBOss without regard to the IBOs likelihood of success in Amway. One diamond even suggested that a family could skip a meal because something heard on a tape could turn your (Amway) business around for the better.

Sadly, the result of this was incredible IBO turnover, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and IBOs overspending to meet upline goals, regardless of an IBO's profitability. It is my guess that these IBOs have all quit since my time in the business. I would also guess that even the most abused IBOs never bothered to file complaints because the group was taught that failure was IBO responsibility, no matter how much effort was put in.

The wonderful diamonds will parade around on stage, showing off displays of wealth such as mansions, jets, sports cars and fabulous vacations. All of this was supposedly attainable by the rank and file IBOs if they will only do what the upline diamonds advise them to do. It is all a lie. Since I left Amway and WWDB, I believe more diamonds have quit or moved onto other ventures than new diamonds have emerged. What's more, seems there are countless numbers of lawsuits pitting diamonds versus diamonds. I believe these lawsuits are born out of greed over tool money. Tools income is still a dark secret to many. While some leaders may speak about platinums earning a share of some tool income, how much and the qualifications appear to be shrouded in secrecy. Something that Amway accreditation was to fix. But it looks like the AMOs have skirted the parameters of the spirit of accreditation. Sad, but not surprising.

What is really hard to swallow is knowing that many IBOs, young, motivated and eager to achieve, are often needing and/or wanting more income. Thus they are open to the possibility that the Amway opportunity afford them that "break" that they needed. Upline will use this as a means to suck them into the system, telling them that the tools (voicemail, books, standing order, functions) will nearly guarantee their success when the opposite is true. The tools nearly guarantee failure for the vast majority of IBOs. The tools only guarantee profit for those who sell the tools. What is troubling is that these uplines do this while trying to pass on the impression that they are mentors to their downline. What the unsuspecting downline doesn't know is that some of these upline mentors would steal the shirt off their backs, literally. If you are new, your upline may loan you or even give you some tools to appear sincere. But once you sponsor someone or decide to build a business, the bar will be raised and you will be expected to be a leader and buy your own tools.

Beware, many diamond leaders are simply cut throat businessmen wearing a nice suit and a nice smile. Don't be fooled.

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Anonymous said...

No you can't trust your upline. It's really quite simple. If your upline truly cared about you, they wouldn't try shove books, CD's, Tickets to functions down your throat every single time they get. They wouldn't try to pressure you to attend every single event. Also do you really think that your upline is going to give you a true way to get rich? In fact, the upline uses the downline to be nothing more than just a cog in the wheel in hopes that the upline will get rich.