Monday, November 4, 2013

Has Amway Improved?

I hear from Amway advocates that Amway has improved and that things are better these days. Strangely, IBOs do not appear to be making more money. Amway's most recent income disclosures indicate that IBOs ernings are still meager, and that's after excluding people who did nothing. So what has really changed?

It it possible that Amway's (defacto) monitoring of the tool groups has made a difference? I doubt it because I am still subscribed to blogs of current IBOs and the material they post suggests that nothing has changed over the years. Diamonds still lie about their success, income and lifestyles. I suspect that if we could examine a diamond's tax returns, we would see many of them living in debt rather than in luxury. And why not? Why would diamonds be different than the rest of society?

Some like to point out Amway's growth as an indicator of success. But much of that success is from overseas and the US still carries the Amwat stigma. While I have not been prospected recently, I still read stories of recritment tricks and games by IBO.s Sp how has Amway improved? What have they really done? The attrition rate of IBOs is still high. Products are still not competitive. IBOs are still unable to freely move and sell products as Amway has various restrictions ob IBOs. People are still making nothing or taking losses due to the consumption of tools. Where is the improvement?

The only improvement I can see is that Amway the corporation continues to make nice profits. But that succes does not translate to its sales force. And that's the bottom line isn't it? IBOs can tout Amway all they want. Amway's success is grea for Amway, not for IBOs.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work of informing the public on this MLM.

One of my friends is now doing Amway, and like USANA and Herbalife, they are just product-based pyramid schemes.

I can't believe he left Herbalife (knowing it wasn't feasible) and now is doing Amway.

Anonymous said...

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