Friday, November 15, 2013

The Typical Amway Experience?

What is the typical Amway experience? Apparently most people in Amway do nothing so that could be typical. But why do people sign up and do nothing? Is it because Amway is not or was not what was pitched? Did the prospect get lied to or deceived? That seems typical as well.

What about people who do try? What is typical? I believe for most who try, the typical experience is someone spending $300 a month of products, and then another couple hundred on training such as cds, functions, etc. Thus the typical experience will be one of a net loss for most business building IBOs. Only those who someone sponsor enough downline to absorb their own losses can break even or make a few dollars. Since most people don't sponsor anyone, the results are very predictable.

For some reason though, IBOs fiercely defend Amway even when they lose money. It's like IBOs have been taught that Amway is their only hope or that their life is Amway or nothing. The truth is that there are many ways to earn a dollar, and most ofthem will be more lucrative and likely easier than the Amway business. In Amway, so much work produces so little. The system almost assures that a tiny percentage of people can succeed.

Amay's own numbers revea that about 1 in 200 reach platinum. That's a one half of one percent reaching the first level of success (as described by many LOS). What about the rest? Unlike many teachings by your LOS, you cannot "choose" to succeed or go platinum. That is a myth perpetuated by those who sell tools. Think about it, nearly any help you received from your upline diamond was paid fr in one way or another. Open meetings, functions, cds, all came at a cost. If they really wanted your success, why not give some free advice once in a while?

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