Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Do Amway IBOs Lie?

Just abut everyone has heard some Amway horror stories. Stories about being tricked into a meeting or being deceived. The Amway name omitted when presented with the opportunity. Outright lies at times. Usually these things happen when IBOs are on the rerruiting trail. They are so desperate to find downline that they will do anything to get a prospect, not thinking that deception will almost ensure that nobody wants to do business with you.

But why do they do it? I beieve because uplines still teach it, They teach fake it till you make it. Claims of untold wealth, residual income, easy life. Think of this. Has a single diamond ever disclosed their actual income so people can see if their claims suppport the lifestyles they portray? From the past, some diamonds due to court proceedings, had to disclose their earnings. While nice incomes, it was nowhere near enough to support the "cash" diamond lifestyle that the big pins show off.

Many use $100 or $200K as the pinnacle of success, but many do not realize that after taxes and expenses, that doesn't leave enough for more than a middle class lifestyle. I suspect many diamonds are in debt trying to show off a lifestyle to recruit hopeful downlines, I certainly don't believe that diamonds pay cash for everything as many of them claim.

So why to IBOs llie? I believe it's because they have to. The truth would not be enough to attract recruits into Amway. The average IBO makes pennies and those on the tool system lose money. The products are not competitively priced and so even the products must be boosted up at times with false claims (i.e. perfect water). I beieve IBO's lie about Amway - because they have to.


Rbot said...

I remember when we were supposed to show up to our first FED to meet the great Brad Duncan and pay like $15 bucks to get in. I listened to the large amount of messages on Kate that day regarding the big event. How they were going to get there FIVEPLUS hours early just so they can meet him and get good seats.

One upline also stated since there are a lot of new people there DO NOT reference Amway. That was the day my fiancé and I decided not to be part of it anymore, I mean we were like 2 steps from entering the door and paying our fee, we turned around and straight up left.

Upline's reasoning for not mentioning Amway, oh it wasn't the deception, not at all, it was because people weren't 'ready' to hear about it. What a crock of shit.

AD said...

Amway products are so costly... in a recent meeting with an IBO recommended that I should go with CLA 500. The price for CLA 500 is $89. I searched in other online store. CLA 500 was $9 and in GNC it is $21. Amway price is ridiculous... this is how they pay commission to their IBOs. A person with an internet connection won't buy their product after little research.