Monday, November 11, 2013

Same Old Amway?

I keep hearing how Amway has changed. That peole are better off. That things have improved. But is it true? Maybe some things have changed but from my observations, IBOs are not any better off today than before. That's because the main problem with Amway, the "systems" have not changed much.

The systems are a drain on IBO's resources and continue to be the reason why most serious IBOs end up with a net loss. It's inevitable and predictable that IBO's will lose money because the system filters away a lof of IBO resources. IBO's don't mind the products and system costs because they think they are ivesting into their "shortcut" to retirement and residual income. Once IBOs realize that there is no reward at the end of the rainbow, they often quit, and stop buying system tools and Amway products all together.

What I also noticed is there seems to be fewer diamonds and up in the US. I believe Amway t be saturated in the US and these new success stories are rare and definitely the exception and not the rule. My old LOS, WWDB has fewer diamonds now than when I was an IBO. As the diamonds would say, look at the fruit on the tree. Well, those trees are bare with little leaves on them.

SO what's new and different with Amway? I don't see it.

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