Monday, February 17, 2014

Amway Doesn't Do That?

I've been debating some people over some issues that arose from the behavior of some Amway IBO's. In particulr, whether or not IBO's are still using trickery and deception in getting prospects to see the Amway plan. When first recruited, I was outright lied to about the meeting. While I am not sure how common this technique is anymore, I'm pretty sure that it still happens as I still run across comments on other forums and blogs that would suggest it still happens.

There are some folks who defend Amway as if the opportunity has become some type of Utopian society where there no wrongs and everyone is honest and upfront about Amway. Well I'm sorry but that's just not the case. I was following the blog of a WWDB IBO and he was still talking about some of the same unethical things that were taught back in my days. And why would it change? Many of the same leaders are in power now as they were back in the 1990's when I was an IBO. Of course that WWDB IBO predictably disappeared along with his blog. But he spoke about buying homes in cash, low divorce rates of Amway IBO's and a host of other BS that was taught sme years agi. This IBO was apparently taught to attend the same function more than once by his wise "mentors".

While I have not been recently prospected by Amway IBO's, I still suspect that not a whole lot has changed in the US. Amway reported sales increases recently but didn't menton US sales. I suspect they are stagnant as the market has likely reached saturation. When I refer to saturation, I don't mean that all of the US has "gotten in", but simply that incoming IBO's are just replacing the ones who quit and there's no real growth occurring. Now I could be wrong but since Amway doesn't release those numbers, I have to draw my own conclusions.

So people can keep claiming that Amway "doesn't do that anymore", but the evidence available on the internet suggests that Amway indeed still has IBO's who are using deceit and trickery. Amway's name was badly soiled in the past and I highly doubt that people in the US has forgotten about the shenanigans of the past. Whether it's unfair or not, it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

Reviewing published pictures on Twitter, websites, etc., it seems that all of the ambots are young. Has anyone seen a grey-haired ambot?

Imagine the work being done by the uplines to continue to dupe the "youngsters" into attending the functions and purchasing tools.

Anhad said...


i signed up for Amway IBO little over a week ago. I've been wondering whether it was the right decision. It surely doesnt seem that way. Could you tell me how do I opt out of this program and get my money back (any of it)??

Joecool said...

Tell your sponsor that you changed your mind and would like your money back. If they refuse, file a formal complaint with the better business bureau and the FTC,