Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amway IBO's Don't Like "The Truth"?

Joecool's blog has recently been frequented by an apparent IBO. This IBO runs his own pro Amway blog. Good for him! What I find odd is that so many IBOs like to cultivate the comments on their blog. In other words, if you aren't wearing rose colored glasses and making postive comments, then they won't publish your comments. Another current WWDB IBO who ran his Expeditions of Truth blog, also won't publish comments but apparently has recently quit and abandoned his blog. My blog also links to a WWDB IBO called "transparency of a dreamer", and whose recent post was debunked on this blog under the same title as the author's blog (Transparency of a Dreamer).

Conversely, this blog allows both pro and cons. Free discussion is welcome and I even allow insults and jabs. Afterall, it's just a debate over a controversial company and frankly, the controversy and spotty reputation is well earned. There are countless stories of people mislead or straight out lied to about an "opportunity", or IBOs hiding the fact that they are being invited to an Amway meeting. There are still IBO leaders who use pictures of mansions or sports cars as proof that Amway works and that the same can be accomplished with 2-5 years of work. Or that you build it once and you can walk away with wealth beyond your dreams. In many cases, these are outright lies and in some cases, the diamonds on stage are actually in debt or having financial difficulty themselves. There's plenty of evidence on the internet,

So why do IBOs want to hide the truth? Is it because the truth isn't very flattering? Is the actual truth a net loss in the Amway business? Is it true that you are spending more on tools than you are generating in sales? Are you actually selling products to customers (non IBOs) are are you buying the 100 PV mostly by yourself? Are you promoting vitamins making claims without knowing anything about nutrition? These are some of the behaviors I have observed in some IBOs. Some of these behaviors are dishonest and unethical. Some IBOs have gone so far as to leave veiled threats on this blog as well. But IBOs still insist that they are "all good".

The truth is that the plan shown to many prospects reveals the reality. in a 6-4-2 or whatever version of the plan, there's only about 1 in 100 who reaches the platinum level. Factoring in that many IBOs quit or sign up and do nothing, we know already that less than 1% of IBOs reach platinum. We also know that an IBO dedicated to the "systems" such as BWW or WWDB have a lot of associated expenses such as functions, travel, cds and other materials. Thus a platinum, after expenses is likely making very little net income, if any. A study done in Wisconsin, while a bit dated, revealed that the top 1% of IBO's in that State, averaged a net loss.

That is the truth. Seems like some IBOs can't handle it.

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