Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amway Suckers?

Quick disclaimer, I was once an IBO. Therefore, I was once a a sucker myself. Of course, back when I was an IBO, it wasn't so simple to google Amway and find so much information. Basically, I was fed many lies about the business and the training system. I was fed the 2-5 year plan. On the surface, it sounds very reasonable and achievable. However, the reality is that the Amway reputation is so tarnished that it's nearly impossible to get people to see the plan, let alone actually sponsoring people into your downline.

I was also told that the training system was vital and that nobody had eve succeeded without it. Of course, that is a lie because some of the current diamonds and crowns pre-date the emergence of tools. Also, the reality that maybe only 1 out of tens of thousands of IBOs achieve diamond in the US should be an indicator of your likely results. Many dream of diamond, but very few ever get anywhere near that level. Even those who do achieve diamond, likely find it nearly impossible to maintain it. This is evidenced by the number of diamonds who fail to qualify and end up quitting. Seems that only the ones who profit from the tools stick around. It looks like the tools is where the "residual" income comes from. But that income is from constant traveling and working and not from walking the beaches sipping exotic drinks.

Amway also charges exorbitant prices for some of their products. Take double x, basically Amway's flagship vitamin product. It retails for nearly $78 while IBO pricing is around $52. A site visitor once left me a message that Amway employees (not IBOs) can purchase double x from Amway for around $12. I tried to confirm with with Amway and they did not confirm it. I believe that Amway could probably make a healthy profit selling double x for about $17. Let's not even get into Amway's perfect water (bottled water) which retails for nearly $50 a case.

The somewhat entertaining part, is that with all the reputation issues and high prices, is that many IBOs are convinced that they need an endless supply of training in order to succeed. Some upline even have the gall to tell their audience to look at the fruit on the tree. Well, the trees are barren with the leaves falling off, like many trees in the winter. Basically, Amway and the AMOs survive by continuously recruiting new and unsuspecting suckers to join. If you truly believe your upline cares about you, try missing a few functions and see if they still edify you. Many people have been suckered in the past. Hopefully, with readily available information, the tools scam will finally die.


Anonymous said...

Food for thought. . .how many upper level scamway persons could actually succeed by only scamway product sales alone? They run and run from one function to another to make income from admission and sales of "tools", They also have "shell" corporations that can be used to move income and expenses to reduce taxes and liabilities, Makes me ill.

Joecool said...

Truth be told, without tools income, I doubt there would be much of a "diamond" lifestyle.