Sunday, April 13, 2014

Building Amway?

Many new IBO's and prospects get excited about what they think will be a "shortcut" to retirement and untold wealth. They see the plan and think they will be "going diamond" in a few years and everyone who opposes them are broke loser. Some uplines encourage their downline to avoid family and friends who are "negative". Some IBO's think (because they are taught) that they must avoid all negative and only hang around smiling people who sing the praises of Amway and the teaching they receive from their mentors. What's humorous to me is how these fabulously wealthy uplines show pictures and slideshows of their "wealth" and tell stories of how they don't work or work or worry about money. But ask them for financial disclosure and you get excuses. It's common in business for people to disclose their business financials when selling a business or courting partners. A lack of disclosure or refusal should be a red flag.

Building Amway is not impossible. That is obvious because some people are successful at it. But so few people succeed as there are so many challenges in building Amway. I will outline those challenges. The prices are too high. In Amway, the prices are typically higher than comparable products you can get elsewhere. Sure, Amway has some decent products and some prices are competitive, but overall, you will be hard pressed to find enough good deals to be able to find customers. Sure, Amway products are allegedly concentrated and of high quality. But think about it, when you must break down concentration and make justifications for higher prices, consumers will just go where prices are cheaper. Walmart is a great example of that.

The Amway name is soiled. Amway has a spotty reputation. Many IBO's in the past have resorted to tricks and lies to get people to an Amway meeting. Over the years, Amway developed a bad reputation due to the bad behavior os IBO's and at least a part of this is due to the teaching from the Amway motivational groups such as BWW or WWDB. They teach things that IBO's go out and share and sometimes these are lies and deception. In the past, some groups taught IBO's to buy their own Amway goods and not to sell anything (which may be illegal). Some groups might still be doing this, but on it goes. I still see some unethical IBO behavior but although supporters claim Amway has changed and is new, I don't see much different now than from many years ago. My old LOS still teaches almost the same stuff I saw as an IBO. Some current IBOs confirm this.

You can try to build Amway but more that likely you will end up making nothing or losing money like the vast majrity of IBO's. Good luck to you if you decide to try.


Anonymous said...

Hey i just wanted to say thank you for putting up this blog. My sister and her boyfriend have been in Amway for awhile now. And ive always been against it. My friends have been trying to get me involved for years and i have always known that there is no opportunity in Amway. It breaks my heart seeing my sister get sucked into all of this, throwing away her hard earned money. Thanks again for sharing your experiences, this blog is going to come in very handy.

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comments. I keep blogging in the hopes that my experienes can help others.