Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Never Quit Amway?

"Never Quit" was one of the things I often heard when I was an IBO. To quit seemed like the kiss of death as an IBO. I believe that the never quit mantra can be useful if the saying was meant to read as never quit trying, or never quit trying to better yourself. But in the Amway business, when uplines talk about never quit, what they mean is never quit doing 100 PV and never quit buying tools. Sometimes a wide business decision is to quit and do something else.

I find it ironic that so many IBOs think of the diamonds on stage as being mentors to them. In fact, these diamonds don't know most of their faithful downline IBOs. They don't know their personal circumstances or whether they are progressing in building their business, thus a blanket "never quit" statement is insincere at best. It seems that the never quit saying is a self serving thought, especially since the upline diamond benefits financially by an IBO staying on board with the Amway and the tools program.

When you stop and think for a moment, your upline benefits financially from almost every aspect of the business. You move 100 PV and you get 3% while somewhere upline, about 28 - 30% bonus gets shared by your sponsor and further uplines. Your voicemail account is profit for upline. Your website profits upline, standing order, book of the month and functions all pour money into your upline's pockets. In fact, it seems that IBOs pay through their teeth for almost every bit of information they receive, regardless of any success in Amway.

If your upline truly had vital information that would make your business grow, why would they want to withhold that information from downline? Maybe your uplines don't truly want your success? Maybe they only want your money? Is that why the "never quit" battle cry is made? Does your upline diamond take the time to get to know as many IBOs as possible on a personal level? Do they know your individual circumstances? Do they truly care about your success? If they did care, how could they stand on a stage and shout "never quit"?

Ironically, many - a - diamond did not take their own advice. Many a diamond has quit in recent years. Makes you wonder why someone would quit after achieving diamond? Makes you wonder why someone would quit when you can "walk the beaches" and continue to collect an income. Maybe this opportunity is not all that you have been led to believe?


Anonymous said...

I remember being in Amway and being told to never quit. I think the concept of not quitting is a good one but if you're not making it in Amway, just find something else. That's not quitting, that's finding a new vehicle.

Anonymous said...

If you are not in the Amway business, then how did you get to know who these "quittting" diamonds are? I am interested in who they are.

Joecool said...

Link: http://www.amquix.info/amway_exdiamonds.html

Anonymous said...

I am curious, why were you not profitable if your PV was 4000? Did Amway not pay you?

Joecool said...

Because I was "teachable" and I did what my upline advised. That advise was to spend spend spend on tools to build my business. Also, our major functions required air travel which was very expensive since I'm from Hawaii and functions were in Oregon or California.