Friday, October 17, 2014

The Amway Retirement Myth?

I was watching a show on Discovery channel the other night about Sasquatch. It was followed by a show about evidence of UFOs. It made me start to think about these phenomena. It seems like everyone has heard about or knows something about Sasquatch (Big foot) and/or UFOs. There are many documentaries showing pictures and evidence of both, but to date, there is no bonafide evidence that these things exist. You'd think that a body or bones of a Sasquatch would turn up somewhere, sooner or later, or we would find compelling evidence of a spaceship from another galaxy.

It sounds just like stories of people who built a diamondship, then "walked away" from their businesses, retired in the lap of luxury and did nothing while the money kept rolling in. I heard numerous scenarios about this happening, but looking back, all the diamonds kept working and since Joecool left the business, the diamond either kept working, or quit or got terminated or died while working as a diamond. But I never heard anyone name some higher up Amway pin who built a business, and then walked away from it to travel the beaches of the world while hundreds of thousands of dollars kept rolling in. Many have heard about it but nobody seems to be able to name any of these folks. I mean after over 50 years in existence, you'd think some of these folks would exist, especially when it seems to be a selling point of the business for many AMOs.

It is my opinion that Sasquatch, UFOs and retired Amways diamonds (with significant Amway income) are non existent. If these folks existed, there should be at least some shred of evidence of it. The lack of evidence indicates to me that it is either non existent or so rare that nobody can display bonafide proof. I mean there aren't any T-Rexs roaming the earth anymore but fossil evidence proves that they existed at one time.

Keeping in mind that the Amway business has a high attrition rate, coupled with low sales to non IBOs and you can easily conclude that residual and significant income is nearly impossible. An Amway business that is left alone will deteriorate like a sandcastle does as the waves wash it away. You (in theory) could possible walk away from an Amway business for a while and collect some income, but you won't be collecting enough income to live the "diamond lifestyle" as portrayed by diamonds in their functions and open meetings. I'm not even sure that active diamonds can comfortably afford that lifestyle even when building their businesses. There is ample evidence to support my claim. Diamonds losing homes to foreclosure, former diamonds revealing secrets about their income. If you really believe you can walk away from your Amway business and collect untold wealth, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. :-)


Anonymous said...

I had a talk with a ex Amway ibo about this same topic. He was in the Robin Carroll wwdb line. Told me he thought Carroll going back to work with navy seals was due to the Navy pension and his rank. That his pension was quite substantial if he finishes off the required amount of time. Has nothing to do with the hoopla Amway or wwdb makes it out to be with patriotism. That probably Carroll realizes his Amway income isn't dependable long term. Of course mentioning this and questioning if its all about patriotism will get the pro Amway nutbags like ibofb going nuts.

Joecool said...

I wouldn't be surprised if people were going back to work because Amway is not secure and residual income is not something you can count on.

Anonymous said...

I think it's basically impossible to ever be able to "walk away" and have residual income pouring in indefinitely. The main reason being that the way the Amway pyramid works, 99% of those in it are losing money, or not making more than a pittance. Downline allowed to think on their own without getting a constant "refreshing" of brainwashing will eventually wise up (if they don't run out of money first) and drop out, thus the downline is a constantly changing entity. The vast majority of folks, other than the hopelessly brainwashed clear out of reality, will leave as they just can't keep affording to pay for an expensive social club. So the person at the top of the pyramid will have to keep not only bringing in new suckers, but working to keep the ones he already has sufficiently brainwashed that "you can't quit now with success juuuuuust around the corner!" If they spent a lot of time "walking the beaches of the world", they'd come back to find that a large chunk of those at the bottom losing money had wised up and left.

Joecool said...

It's no secret that Amway and most MLMs have huge turnover rates. I believe Herbalife is at around 90%. How can anyone expect to maintain their business unless they are constantly recruiting for themselves and bringing in new downline all the time? It's possible that the diamonds are working the hardest trying to replace all the downline who quit. It's also a myth in my opinion, that people who stop building the business stick around as loyal customers.