Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Truth About Amway?

What is the truth about Amway?

One of the things that irks me about some Amway leaders is their blatant revisionist history. They never take responsibility for anything except for the miniscule amounts of success that seeps through their system. Real problems and issues are ignored, or leaders pretend they never happened, or they simply rewrite history to fit their goals and agendas. And to make matters worse, these same leaders teach their downline to accept personal responsibility for their failures, even when downline faithfully purchase and apply teaching from tools such as voicemail, standing orders and functions. The truth is that the Amway leaders are given a pass and are not held accountable to anyone.

One good example from the past was the complete lie that nobody made profits from tools. Then when caught red handed, leaders now admit that they make profits from tools but nobody seems to know exactly how much, or how you actually qualify to receive compensation. And there was no backlash for having told such blatant lies. Today's IBO's were not present when the lies were told and most current IBOs would have no knowledge of it. Nobody was accountable.

Leaders in my former LOS, WWDB used to teach how so few IBO couples ever gets divorced. I heard that Amway couples had a 2% divorce rate as compared to the rest of the world where over 50% of couples get divorced. Yet, WWDB uses their own revisionst history. One good example is Howie Danzik, who WWDB says built his business as a single and later married Theresa Tsuruda. I guess I must have imagined the emerald function I attended where Howie and his wife at the time, Susan, said they built the business together. There are other examples of this, but what amazes me is how the downlines seem to ignore these facts.

Another fairly recent example was how an IBO insisted that a prominent triple diamond in WWBD did not have homes foreclosed or was not involved in bankruptcy proceedings, even when there are numerous public documents providing ample evidence that it was true. It's mind boggling. If Tiger Woods were a diamond and denied that he had any affairs, I bet his downline would believe him as well. Scary.

I just have to wonder when IBOs, who dedicate themselves to various systems, will ever hold these leaders accountable for their actions. If you buy a television and it didn't work, you would ask for a refund. Well, if those standing orders and functions contain vital information and you apply them and they don't work, you should ask for a refund as well. People should also ask upline the tough questions. If someone gives you bad advice, they should be held accountable. If someone tells you buying a home with a mortgage is stupid because of the interest you will pay, then you find out they have "interest only loans", that makes them a hypocrite and their advice should be questioned.

Don't allow these well compensated leaders to simply rewrite history to ignore their mistakes and trangressions. This blog contains many "truths" about Amway and it may not be pretty and won' be what your upline says. Ask questions and be discerning. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I read transperacy of a dreamer site. Where he talked about Matt tsuruda as the youngest diamond in wwdb history. I remember thinking geesh there's younger. But just unqualified diamond. I remember being a guest at a event and asking. Who's Ron puryears sponsor or upline(asked during the late 90s). Was told wwdb ron puryear front line to rich/jay and accounts for 2/3 of all Amway sales. I think they are so use to telling lies. Just becomes a natural habit.

Joecool said...

Matt might be a young diamond but is he qualified? Amway doesn't say who's currently qualified so nobody knows.

Joecool said...

Would you follow and buy tools from someone who no longer qualifies for diamond?

Anonymous said...

The person I'm thinking of was a younger diamond than Matt tsuruda. But you're so right Matt tsuruda can also be unqualified. But my point was basically wwdb leaders change the history. Matt wasn't the youngest wwdb ever.

Anonymous said...

Joe,I never baught tools even if he was a qualified diamond or founders crown ambassador lol. I think tools are unnecessary.

Joecool said...

Good job on not buying tools! Basically, if you don't buy tools, you willl be an outcast however.

Joecool said...

The youngest diamond I heard of was Rod Hao. I think he was 19 or something???

Anonymous said...

Yes it was rod jao but can't remember his age turning diamond. He was fortunate to purchase a home probably with a mortgage. Before the real estate went insane in his part of Canada. Lucky his upline okayed the deal of the purchase. He was quite good with his money. Living at home even when he was close to emerald level. Heard he's back to work with a fancy title now. No clue if he still does Amway partime. He sure did better than your Dr ex platinum. Where the Dr never had the guts to just purchase without permission and paying in cash nonsense

Joecool said...

My sponsor the doctor got screwed because of Amway. My sponsor and I were friends. I quit Amway around 1997 or 1998 and I bought a house in Hawaii for around $325K. My sponsor could have bought a home then and a common friend of ours called him to inquire if he wanted to look at homes. He said no because he would only pay cash. Today my former sponsor lives in a rented (basically ghetto) home and my home purchased for $325K is worth about $800K if I wanted to sell it. Good luck buyin in cash now.

Anonymous said...

I never understood the buying in cash the Amway leaders promoted. They say don't buy cars,homes,and some other expensive items unless you have cash. But if it's for Amway products, tools,or functions use credit card,borrow,or steal to get it. I had a friend who dropped out of university to pursue Amway and wealth. He heard brad Duncan worked construction and Amway by night. So he copy this and did 8 core steps. He did additional steps his upline diamond made up by buying more tools. He ended up like your Dr friend missing the boat with real estate. Have no clue if he's still in the cult

Joecool said...

They discourage you from buying a house or cars because you will have less disposable income to buy Amway stuff and tools. Odd, because they will teach you to get out of debt, which is good, but at the same time will say it's ok to go in debt for a function because it's investing in your business. It's all self serving teaching.

RachelC said...

A retort for every paragraph you’ve written

Paragraph 1

To what revisionist histories are you referring? Please give examples to back up your statement.

One should hold themselves accountable for their misgivings and failures. Look back at what you’ve done and how it could have been done differently instead of blaming others. If you failed high school math do you blame the teacher? No, if you complained to faculty/family, you’re told to apply yourself, put in extra work to become better.

Paragraph 2

Tools. One of the biggest most profitable tools is an academic textbook. Have you ever questioned who profits off the sale and reselling of textbooks? Do you think your educational institution doesn’t profit off these sales? Try attending an academic lecture without purchasing “tools” and see how easy it will be for you. Can you remove lug nuts with a pair of tweezers?

Paragraph 2

Again, what are these examples? I do not know the people you’ve written about, but nonetheless, relationships change and break up for many reasons. To use the possibility of divorce to back up the alleged Amway scam is really reaching. No one ever said Amway is protection against disagreements and divorce. You seem to be saying Amway is divorce proof, so when a couple divorces you use that to back up your claims. Really?

Paragraph 3

Many people, wealthy or not, live beyond their means, or their business doesn’t do as well as it once did. Again, Amway does not have a “guardian of the galaxy” that protects IBOs from such downfall.

Paragraph 4

If you register with Amway, you have a trial of 3 months to see if it is for you. If you decide it isn’t, within those 3 months, you receive a refund for the price of the starter kit. Period. You aren’t forced to purchase anything. Try asking your college or high school for a refund when you cannot find a job in your field. Try asking your former employer for a refund of your travel, food and clothing expenses when you’re fired, downsized or retired. You’d be setting yourself up for embarrassment. What is this example of buying a home all about to backup your Amway allegations? Who in their right mind would feed into interest only loans?

Paragraph 5

If you can find a company in the history of capitalism that hasn’t revised their business model/plan at any time, please post. The Edsel didn’t put FORD out of the automobile industry.

RachelC said...

You have to choose which debt is worth your time. I'd rather go into debt for $200 for a FED weekend to help my business, then go into $240,000.00 debt for a home I know I cannot afford. For most people, once you take on such a large debt you're scared about losing whatever income you do have at the time. Most people justify not doing any other business or any possible money making plan due to fear.

Joecool said...

Revisionist history? Amway leaders lied about making any profit from tools. They lied about some leaders who got divorced and lied when a diamond went bankrupt as if it never happened.

It's silly to compare Amway to a learning institution where you apply for admission. In Amway, you buy sell and sponsor. You don't need an endless supply of books, cds and seminars. They teach you this because the diamond's real business is selling these tools. You have been deceived.

Amway leaders did in fact teach that Amway saves marriages. Some even claim that Amway folks have lower divorce rates than the general publi, which is BS.

You have 3 months for a refund? Many or most show a 2-5 year plan. What happens to those who give it a try for 2-5 years? Do they get a refund?

I'm not talking about a revised business plan. The diamonds LIED and made up stuff about how they made their money and lied about diamonds being divorced or bankruptcy as if it never hapened. Bascially, he diamonds are liars.

Joecool said...

What a silly response and shows how the Amway leaders maniputlate your thinking. The $200 FED weekend (does not include travel and lodging costs) will result in increased sales? I doubt it since they don't teach you about sales.

A home with a $240,000 mortgage is still an investment. If you lose a job, your home still has equity and worse case scenario, you can still sell your home although most mortgage companies wil work with you if you lose your job. They don't want to foreclose if they don't have to. In Amway, thoe function become a black hole where you keep attending and spending your money while you suffer net losses month after month.

It's all there is Amway's disclosures. One fourth of one percent reach platinum. That's one in 400. And platinums don't even make tge big money.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rachel sure has the apples to oranges, nonsense Amway double speak down pat. As you said, Joe, the comparisons are silly. Spending money to go to a "rah rah" one happy bullshit story after another seminar doesn't do a damn thing to "invest" in one's "business". All it does is put money in their pockets and add fresh brainwashing to another batch of starry-eyed Ambots to keep on pouring their time and money into an unrealistic endless-recruiting pyramid scheme that is doomed for financial loss for 99% of those on the pyramid. Self consuming products is not "investing" in one's business. It's just keeping those at the top happy. She'll come back with "well, shouldn't the owner of a McDonald's buy food from his own store?" and the answer is, yes, but if he's the only customer it doesn't get him any closer to financial success.

But, of course, Rachel sounds like she is pretty immersed in the "dreaming" phase and being lovebombed and smooth talked to not think of such "negative" things like keeping books on money spent vs what little comes back in the form of a tiny Amway check. She'll sneer at us "losers" and keep on dreaming the dream until she either runs out of money or wises up. Good luck to her. She'll need it.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, funny how you think you can't afford 240k mortgage. Can you afford rent? Many times a mortgage is about the same as monthly rent payments. Just a matter of not blowing money on tools/functions for a short time and saving money for a down payment for a mortgage. The fed you can download for free online. You're doing yourself no favors by attending. More of a gimmick attending live. Plus the feds are there to hype the business and brainwash. Where I live the housing price went from 300k-800k. I just treated mortgage like rent payment. You talk about taking on debt and being afraid to be in a business. I hardly consider being a Amway ibo as.a business. You're nothing more than a distributor making crappy commission buying overpriced products. Making 10.00 on 300.00 products sold or consumed isn't even great commission. Even your owner of Amway said in a audio its not necessary to spend endless amounts of money on tools and functions. This industry was meant to be done locally on a shoe string budget and not 125.00 for major functions.

Anonymous said...

RachelC, wrong with the 3 month warranty. I quit the first week and went through so much bs with no refund. Amway only refunds their end of things. The leaders shove in their tool end of their kit. Most give up trying to get a full refund. Not many are willing to go through the bs of BBB etc for refunds

Anonymous said...

if you've never been a part of it then your only talking out of your ass, I came up from the dirt and built a business and through amway and made a lot of money, my uplines and some of the greatest people youll never meet. paying 125 $ for a weekend at FED is lifechanging, I gave up a 200$ concert ticket to spend a breathtaking weekend in Portland, Rachel, I hope you understand this business like I do and I must say, stay strong through the bullshit and stay focused on the big picture

Anonymous said...

Everyone finds what they are good at. Who the f cares about the failures and success rates. There's good and bad in everything and people aren't perfect. Seriously all you negative Nancy's just need to grow up and admit it doesn't work for you it and move on. Not everyone makes it to med school, or law school, not everyone goes to college and not everyone becomes a Donald trump or a Steve jobs. Just find what your passionate about and pursue it. we live in a country of endless opportunities so stop caring about what other people want to do with their life! Live yours!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:28 AM --

Are you an asshole?

The purpose of this blog and the many other anti-Amway blogs is to WARN people about FAKE opportunities. That's what's called doing a public service, in case you didn't know.

Sure, not everyone makes it in a chosen field. But the fields you mention aren't rigged, the way the Amway scam is rigged. Law school or medical school or college doesn't require you to entrap a down-line of recruited IBOs who will be paying you fees for as long as they are in Amway, even as they fail at a 99% rate. If you can't see the difference, you're really stupid.

Are you "passionate" about being ripped off? Or are you "passionate" about ripping off others? Those are the only two possibilities in Amway.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add my two cents to this debate. Amway is a very REAL opportunity. If I owned a Home Depot, as the owner I'd buy my products from a supplier at whole sale with the intention of selling it at a higher price in order to make a profit. Now as an Amway IBO, I have the same opportunity to buy my products at wholesale and sell them to people at a higher price to make a profit. In the business model its explained that you don't have to go spending all of your money, or even money that you don't have in order to make a profit. With ownership of Amway you have the OPTION to take the money that you spend ANYWAY on the things that you buy, consume on a daily and monthly basis, and buy again from places you have no ownership of & no financial stake in. Because you have the option to buy these products at whole sale from YOUR OWN store, you can literally SAVE money by spending less on things that you consume already. That being said, you can LEVERAGE Amway in order to save money on products that you're already buying and make money through retail sales of product. There are many different ways to build the Amway business, so WWDB and all the other LOS's are completely optional training and support tools. Nobody's making you buy that shit. But the most important thing to remember is that it is a business that is set up to sale product (which is why it's silly to call it a PONZI scheme) just without the brick and mortar model. By becoming an Amway IBO, you are without a doubt an entrepreneur, and the main thing an entrepreneur does is sell stuff. If you are broke and can't afford the product, GO SELL IT. That's the opportunity, an affordable way for you to own something and take advantage of this free enterprise system. Stop crying. If you're not a salesman and you have a job (which is recommended) and still you want to be successful in this business, learn how to budget your money leverage this company an change your spending habits to save yourself some money every month and teach people how to do the same thing. That's called duplication.

Joecool said...

The problem with your model is that the wholesale price in Amway is higher than most brick and mortar stores retail prices.

And Amway products are generic in nature but premium in price. Not a good combination.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:54 PM --

What the hell does "LEVERAGE" mean?

Could you possibly make an effort to use standard English, and not business jargon?

Unknown said...

Wow interesting observation so are you a multimillionaire and successful in what you do? Is that what made u write this? I would love to hear what u do and learn how to be financially free since you seem to have it all figured out

Anonymous said...

To Unknown at 8:05 AM --

What the hell are you talking about?

This blog presents facts about the Amway fraud, and how it cheats people. Your job, as an Amway defender, is to come up with counter-arguments if you can.

If you can't do that, then just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I've been recently approached by a high school friend regarding this "opportunity." I'm still trying to process this in my mind so I'm using this thread to make my decision. I'll just leave this comment here so that I can keep up with any further reasonings from both sides.