Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amway IBOs Helping People?

One of the biggest loads of guano my upline used to feed us was that our business was about helping people. That the great thing about the business was the number of people we are helping. I used to wonder how we helped people because anyone who wasn't interested in the business was labeled as negative and were to be avoided. These negative people included many family and friends. Thus we only "helped" people who were in Amway. But is signing them up for Amway really helping them?

I also wondered whether we could honestly say we were even helping people in the Amway business as many of my crossline had been involved before I was and and they had no downline. They faithfully attended all the meetings and functions and did their defacto PV quota each month. I figured they had to be losing money because I wasn't making anything even at higher pin levels than my crossline. I guess even being a dedicated IBO for more than half a year, I maintained some sense of compassion and common sense about things. (I also thought many meetings were a waste of time, money and effort). But I suppressed my common sense because my group was growing and I was being edified as a mover and shaker. It's hard to describe but it's hard not to be excited when your group is growing and being edified.

Having walked away from the business, I can honestly say now that the IBOs and upline leaders aren't about helping people. They only want to show interest in you if it will somehow benefit their Amway business. While people spend time helping their communities or churches, or feeding homeless people for that matter, IBOs are busy attending meetings and functions, and finding prospects to brng to the next open meeting or funtion. While people give their time and money to help others, many IBOs are in financial bondage because their involvement with Amway and the systems such as N21, WWDB, LTD or BWW eats up an IBO's time and income, rendering them financially and schedule wise, unable to help some of these kinds of causes. Amway and the systems becomes your life and ministry.

So I challenge information seekers and IBOs to think about this. When your upline leaders or sponsor talks about helping people and helping a cause, what exactly are they speaking of? When you're at a function and your church or neighbors are cleaning up the roadside or painting a school, how are you helping? Some uplines will even tell their IBOs not to tithe to their churches. That they can donate $10,000 checks later. Well, that later rarely ever comes and the money that the churches and charities take in help others immediately, not when someone goes diamond.

So....... Do IBOs really help people?


Anonymous said...

Unless they have absolutely no conscience the IBOs who find themselves trapped in these MLM schemes have to deceive themselves in order to rationalize trying to deceive others. The hard reality is that honesty just doesn't work in trying to recruit people for your downline. Example: "Hi there, I'm losing my shirt in this business I'm in and I'd like for you and a hundred others to buy into it to help me get my money back." Doesn't sound very convincing does it? So you deceive yourself that you are "helping" others and pretend to people that you are on the way to getting rich. It's an outright scam but the people who run it are absolutely ingenious at the way they've polished it over the years.

Joecool said...

The IBOs convince themselves that it's the truth. That people are doomed financialy if they're not in Amway so prospecting and showing the plan is good and will help these people if they "see the light". Sadly, it usually has the opposite effect and makes people more in debt.