Friday, February 27, 2015

Your Amway Friends?

You hang out with friends, generally people you like and have similar interests. You have good and bad times, but your true friends are there for you when you need them. You move residences, your friends are there to help you move. They may play a round of golf with you, or watch some sporting events, dinners, backyard barbeques, etc. These are folks you will likely end up retiring with and enjoying your golden years.

But suddenly, you get enticed to join Amway. You see the "chance" to get rich, with a shortcut (not get rich quick, but a "shortcut"). You sign up and your sponsor is your new "best" friend. Most of the people you enjoyed being with think Amway is a questionable venture to get involved in. Suddenly, because of what you have been told or taught, you view these same nice people as "broke" or "losers", simply because they do not share the same ambition of untold wealth working 12-15 hours a weeek. Suddenly, you friends become prospects, or people you want to sponsor so you start recruiting them. Some may join, but most won't. Suddenly you are immersed in recruitment meetings, functions, and avoiding "negative", which is people and events that do not support your Amway business.

Now you are missing birthday parties, barbeques, and other social events. Your social events are now recruitment meetings, seminars and Amway business related events. You are taught that these events can be put off and your gratification delayed. You can do whatever you want when you go diamond. (Even though there me be only one (1) diamond out of every ten or twenty thousand IBOs) Your dedication will pay off right? Sadly, for most people, even very dedicated people, all they will see is losses on their yearly tax returns, mainly due to the purchase of cds, books, voicemail and function tickets. But these are your "friends" right?

Here's my take on it. Try missing a few meetings or functions. Stop buying cds and see how many "friends" remain from the business. It is likely that your upline will claim that you walked away from the friendship by slowing down on the "system". If that happens, then you have conditional friends, or fairweather friends. They are your "friends" while you are pursuing the same cause. They are your friends when you are attending functions. Are they there for you in bad times?

A short while after I attended my last function (I was still an IBO, just not a business builder), my dad passed away. Not a single one of my IBO "friends" bothered to attend the memorial service. Not a single one of my IBO friends called or dropped by the home to pay their respects. All of my "real" friends, who saw through the AMO smoke and mirrors called to talk to me and/or attended the memorial service.

Are your IBO friends conditional friends? Mine were.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. And when and if you finally break free from the Amway cult or any other MLM cult you find out who your true friends are, the ones who all along have been waiting, hoping and maybe even praying for you to regain your sanity and recover from Amway. While Amway preys on you your friends pray for you.
Why do people stay in Amway for years, sacrificing their whole life on the altar of Amway? I think the Amway company itself has formulated a plan to tap into the same brain circuit that exists in the compulsive gambling addict. The gambler just enjoys being in the "action", getting a stimulating high from it. So do the Amdroids, who become addicted to the "action", the speakers, enthusiasm, functions, motivational crap, bells and whistles etc. But the really insidious thing about Amway, the thing that stands between the Amdroid and his/her recovery is that they have paid so heavy a price for their Amway addiction and whatever miniscule "success" they might have gotten that it's hard to take their focus off the "next level", cut their losses and admit to themselves and their friends (that's a really hard one), and admit they plain got scammed big time.

Joecool said...

Yep, it is so sad. My former sponsor in Amway has been in since 1994 or so and he's still in the business. He was a platinum at one time and slid backwards ever since. Last I heard he was still a 2500 PV, but when you factor in all the tools and functions, he's operating at a loss. Even worse, his children are now in high school and he's missed many of their growing up says by pursuing a false Amway dream.

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is having children while being devoted to the cult of Amway. That's not fair to the kids but I'm sure the Amway parent means well, believing that someday... And those bastards at the top of that pyramid rake in the dough, victimize all those kids and then talk about God & family.

Shannon said...

Hi Joecool, sorry for the irrelevant to the post comment, but I'm not sure how often you might check your email for your blogspot inquiries. I sent one last night, hoping for your personal insight. Thanks.

Joecool said...

It's sad when kids grow up and do not see the dreams that their parents worked so hard for.

Joecool said...

I check it most days. I'll go take a look.

Anonymous said...

Joecool I'm starting my new business based on ... you know... it's called Amscam and I hope you'll tell everyone here that they too can have their own business for the low startup price of fifty cents. That's right, just pay me a buck fifty and I'll send you a dollar bill. Then you get ten friends to do the same thing and I'll send you a commission check for one dollar, while I pocket the other four. And then they get their friends to do the same. Why would anybody pay a buck fifty for a buck you ask? Actually they won't but not to worry because I'll also sell you fifty cent motivational CDs for ten dollars and charge you to go to brainwashing functions that will make you think they will pay it.
I know I could do pretty much the same thing with this other company called Amway but they've got too many people at the top already for me to really make any money doing this same thing for them. So how about it Joe, give me a plug?

Joecool said...

Good luck. LOL

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Joecool said...


Anonymous said...

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Oh, and also, you said "...but I'm the guy who never believed in spells". But throughout your "story" you kept talking about "he" and "him" in regards to your honey bunny. So, are you gay or just confused about which gender you were using this time for your fake story? Just curious.