Friday, February 6, 2015

Amway Instead Of A J-O-B?

One of the things upline leaders apparently do is to disparage people with jobs. Oh, they would say we needed people to wait on our tables and clean our toilets, but in general, jobs were put down and basically the group was told that Amway is their best chance at achieving financial freedom, giving them the ability to flush their jobs. Ironically, IBO's jobs are what funds their Amway businesses. Most IBOs would be out of business within weeks if not for their job income funding their Amway businesses.

The key selling point appears to be the 2-5 years of part time work rather than working a job for 30 - 40 years and then retiring on social security which may or may not be there when you retire. This plants a fear in people about the future and then the Amway opportunity is presented in a positive light because the Amway opportunity comes with a low start up cost. What uplines do not mention is how the opportunity can become a money pit as the monthly defacto 100 PV quota starts to add up. It is my guess that if people only bought items they truly needed, these IBOs would likely move 100 PV every three months, unless they are actively selling goods to non IBO customers.

When an IBO finally agrees to register, it is then that the hidden costs are revealed. Many uplines will introduce standing orders and functions and present these tools as vital to IBO success. Most new IBOs don't know better and feel subtle pressure to conform and give it a try. Some upline may loan some tools to downline in the beginning but evemtually, the IBO will be encouraged to be a "serious" business owner who should be purchasing their own tools to loan to their downline and the cycle goes on.

If you examine some version of the Amway recruitment plan, you will see that most IBOs are at the 100 PV level, which will reward you with a monthly bonus of about $10or so. If that same IBO subscribes to the tools system, than IBO will likely be losing over $100 a month not including the product purchases. And because many IBOs have been convinced that working a job is so horrible, that they can be convinced that this condition of losing money is temporary and that untold wealth is right around the corner. Sadly, for most, this condition is the norm and even the sponsorship of a few downline, the losses continue to mount. Yet many are convinced that this is better than a job.

Ironically, a job allows people to pay their monthly bills, feed their families and many people enjoy their work and co workers. While upline leaders may convince you otherwise, it is this very same excuse upline leaders use when asked why they are still working instead of walking the beaches of the world collecting massive amounts of residual income. I would encourage IBOs to truly analyze their efforts in Amway and determine if it is beneficial to your finances. In most cases, your Amway efforts ONLY benefits your upline's finances. For most who get involved, the Amway opportunity is not better than a job. Be careful!


Anonymous said...

I guess I've got too much time on my hands right now on temporary disability and can't wait to get back to my JOB, you know that thing that pays ME, not me paying IT. I miss my friends there, most of the clients I work with and enjoy the work itself. Fortunately my job (which I can quit or swap out any time because I have learned a good set of marketable skills) qualifies me for disability payments until I get back in a few weeks. Meanwhile I am using my time off to take advantage of the excellent dental coverage the job affords me.And I've just begun collecting a modest pension from another JOB that I did for several years which will add to my current earnings.
I'm not required to b.s. anybody and am proud of the fruits of my honest labor and frequently get told as much by grateful clients who appreciate my work. Did I forget to mention I get PAID for it too? Back in my short stint in MLM I remember being envious of the very people I was desperately trying to recruit because most of them had a job and actually had a real income and didn't have to b.s. people. As opposed to those poor Amway IBOs who are trapped into trolling for prospects and making up phony ruses to initiate conversation with them and then try to convince them to put their money down into the same sucker proposition that they fell for. Talk about setting yourself up for rejection! But I know and understand the devious trap they are in and hope they find the will to break free and begin the healing process.
Funny, but while the MLM speakers always tell you the the job is no dam good, the IBO's upline would never tell you to quit it because that's where most IBOs get the money to feed their MLM habit and pass their hard earned dough up the line.
Lastly, I think I've discovered the incarnate grandfather of the Amway/MLM scam. Check out Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith, the original 19th century soap scam artist. He had his shills too, just like those Amway shills who pretend to post the internet as "exposing" the Amway scam and then blatantly promote it.

Joecool said...

Amway diamonds bascially trade their jobs for a full time Amway "job". WIth people quitting all the time, it becomes hard full time work to keep the groups together. If not, your group will fall apart and there goes all your bonuses. They also need to keep working because I don't believe you get a cut of tht "tools" without being active with the functions.

Anonymous said...

@Joecool this is fun and hope it helps stop someone somewhere from getting scammed. Start asking the Ambots the wrong questions and THEY will run from YOU.
You had a recent post about "What's better than (joining) Amway" and here's a couple more things:
!) Buying lottery tickets is better than buying Amway. The odds are better, you don't waste your time looking for other suckers and you won't look like an idiot to your friends for playing it as long as you don't overdo it as in a gambling addiction.
2) Having your house burglarized is better than Amway. I've been a victim of both MLM and burglary and being burglarized is much less drawn out, costly and painful than any MLM scam. The burglar only hijacks your baubles, not your life.
The only good thing I can think of Amway is that it presents an excellent model for the study of manipulation and brainwashing technique. They have polished this scam for over 50 years now. Give the Devil his due, you've got to be good to get people to buy a buffed up turd with perfume on it.

Joecool said...

Thanks, your comments are spot on. It is sad because people lose time and money in Amway, which ironically, it why they join. To gain more time and money.

As I said, watching the Simpsons on TV or drinking a beer is a better option than Amway. The tools and functions sysemaatically drain your bank account and all your spare time.

Anonymous said...

My up line first asked me to do 100PV, then in 3 months 200 if I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THE BUSINESS, and after 6 month our platinum at home meetings would be dropping something like ...well 300pv should be what you are shooting for!!! Suckers!!!