Monday, July 6, 2015

Amway Dreams?

One of the issues I have with the Amway plan is that the newest IBO, possibly the one who does the most "Work", receives the smallest compensation. Amway pays about 32% of their income back in the form of bonuses. An IBO who does 100 PV receives a 3% bonus and somewhere, uplines and sponsors receive the rest. Some of the upline may not have even met the IBO who actually did the work. Is that really fair and is that a level playing field? What do some of these uplines do to deserve the lion's share of the bonus you worked to get? Yes, the upline diamond may show the plan in an open meeting, which may help you, but then again, you pay for entrance into that meeting.

Many uplines will talk about dreams and fulfilling your dreams. But if an IBO would stop and think for a moment, you can easily see that you are building the dreams of your upline, and not your own. You receive a tiny portion of the bonus for the volume that you move, and then in addition, if you are on the system, then you are also paying upline in the form of tool purchases for the priviledge of giving them bonuses with your product purchases.

It is why your upline diamonds can parade around on stage with designer suits and show you their fancy cars and mansions and other toys. It is because they are cashing in on your efforts. You are making their dreams come true. Your dedication to moving volume and purchasing standing orders are fulfilling dreams. The upline dreams. Yes, someday you can hope to have your own group of downline to exploit for your own benefit, but unless you are adding members to your group regularly, you will never achieve the kinds of dreams that uplines talk about. In the meantime though, you are definitely helping someone upline achieve their dreams with every function you attend. Ironically, the upline leaders will tell you to never quit, even if they don't know your personal circumstances and/or how your business is progressing.

Here's a challenge for IBOs and/or prospects who are being recruited into the Amway business. 100 PV will cost around $300 a month and dedication to the tools system will cost you around $150 to $250 a month on average. Would you not be better off simply writing a check to your upline for $100 and not even joining? Would you not be better off staying home and watching television instead of joining? If you read all of the information available on this blog and still decide to join, good luck to you, but remember this: Whose dreams are being fulfilled by your participation?
Yours or your upline?


Anonymous said...

What if an IBO is to generate his or her PV entirely by product sales and his down line as well? AND what if it was done without training materials just one-on-one help, would that be unethical or purposefully deceitful?

Joecool said...

If someone made their PV all on sales, that would be great and it would be possible for all the downline to make money. I've never seen it happen, most likely becuase Amway products in general are simply not competetively priced. Because the bonuses are built into the cost, it's nearly impossible for Amway to allow prices that can compete with retailers.

Amway might have a few decent deals with some of the cleaners they make but overall, their prices are sky high and anyone would be hard pressed to find customers other than sympathetic family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow I'm reading this post in utter disbelief.. It's clear that you have no idea what you are talking about.. The people who receive profit for cds and functions are ALL platinums and above not only diamonds. Therefore I believe that is more then fair and very attainable for even the newest ibos within 6-12 months of doing what your up line teaches. not to mention the actual profit made from those is miniscule compared to the actual profits from the bonus structure amway offers. Trust me I am at 3500 pv and I am definitely profitable. So if you were 4000 pv and not profitable then you had one or two solid legs only (which isn't very profitable) or you were lying, plain and simple. So please do some real research rather then parade your ignorant opinion all over the Internet with blogs just because you were a quitter.

Anonymous said...

It cost to be a boss man. Going to seminars and getting training/motivational material to help give you a better perspective on life is well worth more than any $ amount. I can't even take you serious saying it's more worth it to sit at home and watch TV than to go out and fight for your own freedom because you're to busy being skeptical reading negative blogs about how these companies are scams. No one ever wants to mention how platinums and above also profit from training materials. Everyone wants to take shots at the companies because they quit but never want to give credit to those who are actually benefiting from this association. It baffles me how people are so motivated to come blog and bash and twist around a company with great morals and give people who dream big negativity before they can even see the opportunity for themselves. This type of thinking is the reason 1% of the population controls nearly half of the assets in this country. How much does the average employee make a month compared to the volume a Walmart or Fred Meyers does? Especially compared to the presidents and ceo's? And how often do those companies encourage you to grow yourself as a person and build an asset for yourself? Having a job is perfectly fine and actually encouraged obviously at least while you build the business. Everyone is so quick to point out the negatives and hardships but will never give credit to those actually it here busting their tails to provide the life they want for themselves and their families. How about a blog of encouragement for people who want to stay employed instead of bashing us dream builders that want something different? Like I said I have nothing against typical employment but it's not for me long term and I've found a vehicle to provide me with the kind of life I want and one of the biggest obstacles are people like you that actually take time out of their lives to talk bad about companies that gives everyone the same opportunity to succeed in their own way. 85% of success is attitude and your ability to connect with people so it's no wonder why the average Joe won't succeed in this type of business because they find sitting at home watching TV as valuable as getting mentorship and paying for success materials and principles. But you're more than willing to pay $100 a month for cable?

Joecool said...

You never read enough. I was 4000 PV with eagle parameters but profits go into buying tools. Platinums get a cut from the cds but not the functions. dats shows hat only .26% reaches platinum. That's about 1 in 400. You believe that's attainable? Well it is for about 1 in 400. The rest make nothing or lose money.

Funny thing is, in a few months to a year, you'll be gone and I'll stil be here. I've seen it happen all too often.

Joecool said...

You're blind to it but Amway is just a microcosm of the real world. In Amway, a tiny fraction of a percent make most of the money while the hopeful downline move their 100 PV and buy the cds and attend the functions.At least with a job, you can still put food on the table and pay the rent, even if you're not wealthy. In Amway, most downline don't make enough to even pay for their standing orders, let alone functions and as a result, they lose time and money.

Who's bashing the dreamers? This is just a blog. You can visit here or not. Nobody is forcing you to read what I have written. This blog is about providing information who people don't get scammed into joining a piss poor busness opportunity like Amway.

Anonymous said...

wow, an ambot who rambles. imagine that!