Friday, October 16, 2015

A Diamond Is Forever?

I've seen some interesting discussion recently about how a diamond pin is like winning a gold medal. That you don't get it taken away from you later even if you don't qualify anymore. The discussion also flowed as to where they mentioned that former US President Jimmy Carter is still addressed as Mr. President. Or that someone with a superbowl ring can be addressed as a superbowl champion. While I agree with that to some degree, I think the issue of diamond or former diamond is significant and different from former President Carter or a former Superbowl Champion. Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana don't parade around as if they just won the superbowl last year.

The diamond pin is a significant achievement for sure. Seems that recently, it's even harder to achieve in North America. I don't know of more than a few new diamonds emerging in the last ten years or so in the US. But if say a diamond qualified in 1988 and never qualified again, how would you as an IBO feel about paying to see this diamond speak function after function and how many would continue to buy standing orders from a guy who may have achieved diamond 20 years ago and never again? Would the audiences be "fired up" to see these speakers? I find this ironic also, because many Amway defenders like to criticize Amway critics for having an outdated experience. Well, conversely, a one time diamond would be basically the same thing. If not then Joecool should command the respect of a 4000 PV Eagle since that was my highest level.

I actually have no issue with Amway allowing the achiever to carry their highest pin as a recognized achievement, but I do believe that those who use their former pin status to exploit and profit from new IBOs and prospects should be stopped. I know I would not have been so excited attending a function where the keynote speaker went diamond for 6 months a decade ago and was no longer qualified. Else, by upline's definition, he will teach me to go diamond and fall apart? I believe there are fewer North American diamonds now than ten years ago. Some diamonds resigned and some outright quit. So much for residual/passive income. Obviously if these things existed, then nobody would quit or walk away from residual income.

BTW, a recent article on an Amway Corporate website says this about passive income:
"Passive income is a term we do not permit distributors to use and it’s not a term the Corporation uses. In our business, there is no such thing as doing no work, and expecting money to still come in.” Link:

Still think there's a free ride at the end of the tunnel?


Anonymous said...

If I had heard that from the Amway Corporation years ago when I was solicited, I would NEVER have joined! The only attractive thing about Amway was the notion that after a while you wouldn't have to work at all, and you could live on residual ("passive") income. As the guy who recruited me said, "I sure don't want to spend the rest of my life selling soaps and cleansers. I'm just in this to get rich quick."

Now all of a sudden the Amway Corporation admits that when you join, you work forever. Isn't that what they refer to disparagingly as a "J.O.B."?

Joecool said...

Yes, many diamonds have quit, resigned or left Amway. Obviously there is no life long residual income or diamonds would never quit or resign. They would "walk away" and collect forever right?

You can argue whether a diamond works hard or not but certainly they are working and I've never actually heard about a diamond retiring and just sitting back while checks roll in.

Interesting isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Amway will never ever tell them this but the new prospect/recruit should know that less than one percent of Amway "distributors" actually make any net profit at all, let alone make a living at it let alone get rich. The potential recruit would do well to look beyond the hype and b.s. and ask themselves: "What do I actually have going for me specifically that makes me better than well over ninety nine percent of these enthusiastic people around me?" They need to be honest and realistic with themselves or else they are going to be in for a very large disappointment. It's bad enough to experiment with Amway or do it recreationally (the meetings might make you feel good) but to become addicted to it can ruin one's life. Just say no to Amway.

Joecool said...

Agreed. IBOs generally are motivated and hard working. But the reality is with the multi tired compensation, only a few can "make it" while the rest below them churn in and out.

Angela Xiong said...

Joe, do you know what happens to the money Ibos pay as their "function ticket fee"? Let's say it's a 5,000 ppl conference and each ibo pays $150. It's a pool of $750 K. Let's say it's 3 day event so it costs 100 K to rent colesium per day. (This is a low ball number for the rent & costs of operating the 3 day conference) Let's say it's more than that, there's still extra $ sitting in a pool. Does it get divided per diamond, platinum? Ibos usually purchase ticket through their business system ( BWW, WWD, LTD, etc...) My question is, "where did that pool of $$$ go"??? What a rip off, it happens at least 4 times a year.

Angela Xiong said...

Joe, do you know what happens to the pool of $$$ that ibos pay as their function ticket fee? Diamonds will host 3 day conference/function 4 times a year charging an ibo $150 per ticket. Let's say 5000 ppl attend. It's $750 K pool. I understand there's rent, overhead, costs to run the conference. But $750 K is a lot of money. Does the left over pool get divided between diamonds, platinums? This is a honest question. My uplines didn't want to answer me. Rip off.
-former ibo

Joecool said...

Hi Angela,
Once the overhead for the function is paid for, the diamonds basically split up the fees. But keep in mind that the overhead could be small because many IBOs work the functions for no pay and some cities give you a great deal on the convention centers if you're bringing a group of 5000 people into their town to stay in hotels, etc.

Joecool said...

My understanding is that only the emeralds and diamonds (or higher) get to share in the profits. But with all the functions that go on during the year, I would think more money is made from functions than from Amway.