Thursday, October 15, 2015

Upline Credentials?

I recently read a comment from an Amway zealot. She mentions that someone's credentials must be considered when looking at information that is presented. I will comment that showing me a sports car or a fancy suit is not proof of financial success. Strange how they question credentials of everyone except their beloved leaders, some of whom told bold faced lies in the past.

I find this subject ironic because not one single upline leader, as far as I know, has ever supplied bonafide credentials about themselves. The audience assumes that the person on stage has high credentials, but do they really? Certainly, if someone is wearing a diamond pin for example, that this person has at least achieved the diamond level as recognized by Amway, but the level may not be current, and the level doesn't indicate the kind of income this person earns from Amway. Also, the diamond pin is one that is like a lifetime achievement, meaning you could have been diamond for 6 months in 1982 and never qualified again, but you can still wear the pin as you are still recognized as having achieved diamond status. I guess Joecool should be refered to as 4000 PV if that is the case.

What many people wrongly assume is that the diamonds buy homes and cars in cash, that they wake up at noon every day and participate in leisure activities all day while the cash rolls in. I have heard from some new IBOs, that their upline makes more money taking a crap in the morning than a critic makes in a whole year at a job. That IBO became quiet when some critics offered to take that bet. I doubt that any diamonds would take that bet.

But the truth of the matter is that as far as I know, only former diamonds have come clean about their Amway income. They are the only ones who spoke of credentials and accomplishments. Even critics of Amway will often openly speak about their experiences and achieved levels in the business. In the REAL business world, showing business tax returns and credentials are a normal part of doing business. It appears that only in the world of Amway is the supply of credentials and financial statements a big secret. Now I am not suggesting that IBOs or upline leaders should disclose their financials to the entire world, but certainly prospects and some downline should be able to see what their upline is doing financially, especially if that is the basis for purchasing their standing orders and function tickets. And I refer to business (Amway and Tools) income and expenses only, not from other personal sources.

I believe that IBOs and upline leaders do not disclose that information because it would not be beneficial to them. If it were, they would likely publish it freely, just as they flash around copies of checks. IBOs and prospects should take this to heart and ask upline the tough questions


Anonymous said...

The Italians have an expression that is relevant to this entire business of "credentials" as the Amway freaks express it. The phrase is "bella figura," and it means "beautiful appearance" or "nice presentation."

Italians say that, when you are in public, you must present a "bella figura." By this they mean you must be clean, presentable, well groomed, and dressed impeccably, and you must also behave with politeness and courtesy and respect for everyone. It's a nice thing to do, and it is a good idea to teach it to your children.

The Amway freaks have taken this idea and debased it. For them, appearance is merely showing off that you are rich. You drive around in a fancy car, you display a fat roll of bills, and you drop hints about your exotic vacations. For Amway types, this sort of thing shows your "credentials." Naive people will be dazzled by your flashy, nouveau-riche lifestyle, and will admire and respect you.

But when it comes to REAL credentials, the Amway showoffs are very cagey. They won't open up their account books to you, or show you their business tax returns. A great many of these "diamonds" are living on the edge, just scraping by, and spending a lot of their money on just "looking good" to their down-line. For Italians, "bella figura" is only about your behavior and your appearance. For Amway zealots, it's all about lying, and pretending that you're a millionaire.

That's why the Amway freaks tell you to "Fake it till you make it." Is there anything more degrading than putting on a fake show like this? It's pure hypocritical posturing.

Joecool said...

I agree with your post. Think about it, even a diamond who might earn 250K still have to pay taxes, medical insurance, business expenses. After all of that, there might be enough to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle but not one with mansions and jet skis and other toys. Those who are showing off things are likely living on the edge, month to month like working class folks.

And I'll add that much of a diamond's income comes in the form of an annual bonus so their monthly income might be quite small when you factor that in.

Anonymous said...

I often see 250 or something mentioned as diamond income. This would as said be gross income, the net being much less. But also its for someone who has 6 platinum legs for six months. I would think very few diamonds maintain that level after reaching pin level. Most infact fall back to low income. Hence if you calculate the average annual income of all diamonds since they first qualified you would find that the average income is very low.

Joecool said...

Possibly true but since Amway recognizes a diamond forever, they can still parade around and make money by selling tools and functions.