Friday, August 25, 2017

A "likely" Amway Experience?

One thing Amway promoters and apologists like to do is to paint a best case scenario when promoting Amway. I can't blame a promoter for wanting to show the best case scenario, but in my informed opinion, it's a matter of whether there is deception or outright lies in displaying that best case scenario. For example, when other "financial" gurus air their infomercials, they have a disclaimer to explain that success testimonials are a "unique" experience. Many Amway promoters apparently do the opposite and make it seem as if financial success in Amway is the norm and not the exception. But what is the more common or likely experience for an IBO?

I am not going to discuss the IBOs who sign up and do nothing, even if this may be common. (That's because there may also be valid reasons for this, such as deception or harrassment used by the recruiters).

I believe that for many, they will see the plan, usually the 6-4-2 (or some similar variation) plan which is to show how you can become a platinum. The speaker may slide in how all you need is six of these groups and you will be a diamond and make hundreds of thousands of dollars and walk the beaches of the world.

The reality for many is to sign up full of excitement, and thinking that certainly, some of their friends and family will agree that this is a good idea. So the new IBO will buy or consume 100 PV and may try to sell a few items. Eventually, this same IBO will talk to family and friends and many of their friends and family will show sour faces as they already had, or know someone who had a questionable or bad experience with an Amway IBO. I myself got tricked into a meeting at one time. They may listen to the standing orders and attend the meetings with the intent of succeeding as per the plan.

But after a few months, not many people are interested in registering, not many want to buy the products and it becomes increasingly harder to make contacts and to get new people to see the plan. The expenses start to add up. You have products such as laundry detergent or LOC that you don't need to replace but you have your defacto 100 PV quota, so you end up buying other things to reach that all important 3% bonus bracket. By now, you have a cache of household products and goods that you never really used prior to Amway, you notice that your checking account is shrinking as the products and the other expenses such as voicemail and functions are starting to add up.

You finally quit, in some cases with the now former IBO feeling embarrassed or ashamed that they even got involved in all this. They disappear and all of their former "lifelong" IBO friends could care less. They won't bother to complain about their experience, but may feel the need to vent if someone discusses Amway again.

In the final analysis, the bad experience and financial losses likely came at the hands of an AMO such as Network21, WWDB or BWW, but the attachment of a bad experience will be tied to Amway. This is a more likely experience than someone quitting their job to walk the beaches of the world.


Unknown said...

Well to me this has been a dream, the business is yours and you work it at your own pace. In order to achieve your goal you have to work hard ( is the same with other type of business or even a conventional job)

Anonymous said...

Dear Unknown --

I guess you're pretty new in Amway.

Unknown said...

You are a big fraud my friend. You have no idea what this Industry is all about. You should take a break from posting nonsense material. Educate your self. Not because you failed, everybody is. Get that? Guess not. No gray matter in your brain.

Joecool said...

Omar, what am I fraudulent about? Take a break from posting "nonsense material"? What's nonsense about it?

You're a funny guy. I've been running this blog since 2009 and not a single commentator like yourself has ever stuck around for a few years, returned and showed me any evidence that they've made serious money in Amway. Not even one.

Not a single pro-Amway person has been able to name even one person, with evidence of someone who built Amway once, walked away and is collecting residual income while living a luxurious life.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this asshole "Omar Garcia" been here before? His name sounds familiar.

I wonder how much money he's lost in Amway so far.