Saturday, January 27, 2018

All Quiet On The Amway Front?

Just checking in with everyone. I just have a few minutes to post a new article so here I am. Seems that all is quiet on the Amway front. I haven't seen much about Amway lately. I believe their sales information will be posted soon. If anyone cares or has been following, Amway sales tanked about 25% in the last 3 years. While I cannot claim a direct explanation because Amway releases limited information, my informed opinion is that it's because Amway's market penetration has matured and has saturated.

Also, with the availability of social media and the ability to spread the word, good or bad, Amway cannot hide the practices of their distributor force. Thus getting tricked into a meeting or lied to by an Amway rep cannot go on undetected because of the Internet or social media. This could be why Amway sales are on the decline.

Even though I haven't seen any humorous or other kinds of Amway issues recently, I'm certain that there are still people on the prowl trying to recruit new people into Amway. I have friends whose kids were recruited and they asked me to talk to them so I basically showed them the "plan" and explained how the money works no how the tool system works to extract money from those pursuing the "dream". I never tell them not to join but I challenge them to look at the products and to see if they can actually sell them.

My friend'son realixed how much 100 PV would cost or require in sales and came to the conclusion that he could not afford or sell 100 PV monthly plus the cost of training and he decided Amway was not for him. But other than that, Amway has been quiet while their sales decline. I take that as a good thing. Meanwhile I am quietly following the Herbalfie saga which I may write about in the future.

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