Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Never Ending Amway Training?

Joecool is still vacationing but I'm sitting here in my hotel room with an idle moment so I thought I would drop in a new article. The subject as my title suggests, is the Amwy training that uplines (defacto) require of their loyal followers. Of course. Amway followers and defenders will be quick to point out that training and training materials are all "optional" and not compulsory. While this might be true, it is also true that training is as optional as your success. Or that upline is a multi millionaire who has been around the business and if you cannot afford to skip hearing what he/she has to say, then go ahead.

If you're new to the Amway business and hear that training is optional, but so is success. Or if you hear that your upline is a mentor whose experience you cannot afford to miss, that doesn't sound very optional if you were sold on achieving financial dreams and goals such as lifelong residual income and walking the beaches of the world. So what is an IBO supposed to do? What happens to many is they will follow through and give Amway a serious try. They make their 100 PV and participate in the training, but quickly realize that the system doesn't work and they quit. It's common for people to come and go in Amway like people at a commuter station.

When you get down to the core of the Amway business, it's buying and selling products, and getting people to join you by sponsoring them as downline. It really is as simple as that. If you stop and thinkg about what's I've just said, you will realize how right I am.

The only reason for the never ending supply of training is to ensure that upline has a steady stream of income. You see, if you really did your homework, you will realize that Amway diamonds do not make the kind of money people think. It is by augmenting their income by selling training and tools is how they attain the "diamond" lifestyle. That is why you are told to never stop consuming tools and training. Whether you believe me or not, it really is that simple.

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i pressed publish and i'm still seeing the edit screen. i didn't see a notice of publication. if this is a dup...apologies.

BizWay Xpress is an “ALL HELP NO HYPE” tool used for prospecting; showing how the Amway opportunity works and helps register new Independent Business Owners all online.
No physical meetings, seminars or conferences. No CD’s, videos or downloads to pay for. Everything is included at no (that’s “0”) charge. The only required charge is Amway’s annual registration fee ($62 as of today 1/21/2018, and if a new IBO wants to dump out within 90 days, Amway refunds their money.
Finally…a way to earn money without having to marry an opportunity and miss you children’s sporting events or school plays (like I did-what a maroon).
I was one of the old time followers of which you speak. So I created a workaround that has been approved by Amway. I think they're all shakin' their heads out there thinking if they leave me alone I’ll just go away. This took several years to develop and get approved.

I believe that there are enough people in North America (BWX is not approved for international business) who like me genuinely believe in principle, that the Amway business is a great idea until one becomes aware that they’re being trained to behave and speak in ways that may be totally incongruent with how they’re wired. Here’s where the guilt, shame and frustration can enter in.
You know, the old why is it working for that guy, girl or couple so well and I can’t seem to get it off the ground. Amway or any MLM isn’t for everyone any more than I could be a Sumo wrestler. I’m 5’ 8” 145 lbs. just not built for it. Anyway everyone who has been through the training mill and not succeeded has a varying stories both positive and negative.
We’ll see how it works out.

kwaaikat said...

If Amway is not for everyone, then why do you guys stick to that dead or broke comment, and other sneers at guys people you can't convince? If Amway is not for everyone, is it fair to try to convince people you barely know, that Amway is the answer?

Isn’t it like making fun of a guy in a wheelchair? Come and run with me, and if you don’t go for a run you’ll probably end up either dead or ill when you turn 65. Oh, I guess running is not for everyone. Or worse still: you're an unfit looser.

It seems we can all at least agree, that is is clear Amway does not make you a better person. Or do you distance yourself from all comments on the internet from defenders, that imply that people that don't join Amway are unwise?