Sunday, January 14, 2018

Joecool Is On Vacation

I just want to wish all my loyal followers a happy new year! 2017 was a good year for Joecool. President Trump's policy, whether you agree or not, has had a positive effect on the US economy and the stock market. The president's recent tax cuts seem to have been positive for thousands of workers in Hawaii (where I live) and these workers received about a 25% pay raise and a $1000 cash bonus with came right around Christmas and New Years. Anyway, I'm glad that these workers got a boost in Hawaii and on a national level, other companies raised their wages. That is far better, IMO, than president Obama's plan to put everyone on welfare.

Anyway, my blow will be on vacation as I'll be heading to Europe for 5 days followed by a short stop in Korea and Japan. I don't don't need Amway or Amway income for this dream vacation.

I'll be back close to the end of the month and if I have time, I will write a new article, but if not, I'll see you all at the end of January.

Dream vacations are great. But you don't need Amway to make your dreams come true. Since most people who get involved in Amway end up with less money than they started with, your dream are more likely to come true without Amway.

Good luck if you read this and still join.


John Doe said...

Enjoy your vacation Joe! It's nice to see you can put this on the back burner and enjoy your time away. Hopefully you'll share some interesting stories when you return, and I'd be curious to hear about how the South Koreans are embracing the Olympics this year. I'm assuming you wouldn't be going to the North anyways, haha.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I'm just hoping I don't freeze while I'm away. LOL

Anonymous said...

Professional gambler or Amway IBO?