Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Amway Is "Simple"?

As an Amway IBO, I heard the phrase that Amway is simple. To be clear, I was told that Amway is simple, but not necessarily easy. The difference being that simple means uncomplicated, but not necessarily easy where it takes little effort. When you really think about it carefully, Amway really is simple. You buy and sell products and you attempt to "show the plan" in the hopes that others will also want to do the same thing that you are. It really is that simple.

If you are successful at moving volume and getting others to follow you, which hopefully increases your volume, then you make more money. But if Amway is so simple, it begs the question. Why is an endless amount of training heaped upon IBOs and prospects if Amway is so simple? Why is this training never ending? Why can't IBOs learn all they need to know in a single session? The answer is also very simple. Amway uplines make significant incomes from the sale of training materials, thus in order for their incomes to keep coming in, training cannot stop or the upline's income would also stop. It is also why Amway IBOs are told to never miss a meeting or functions. Or it is why IBOs are told that family or a job comes first, but in the same breath, upline says to sacrifice anything to meet their Amway obligations.

Think about it, if Amway is that simple, there is no good reason for a part time business to deman so much time and training. I won't even mention the overall lack of results which is why Amway attrition is so high. Upline profits from selling training. It really is that simple. Without the endless training, upline would suffer a massive loss of ongoing income and would difficulty in maintaining what they call a diamond lifestyle. But if you think about that also, you'll see that a diamond lifestyle is a life of debt and living check to check, diamond or not.


Anonymous said...

Besides the very real using the tools to suck cultists dry of money, the tools also serve to keep them on the treadmill from my experience.

Having worked in a real sales role for quite a while, it can be a challenge to keep motivated even when you can earn real money. Most sales organisations have regular pipeline and forecast meetings as well as conferences and boost events for this reason.

In the Amway cult, motivation is easy to lose if the cultist notices the signs:

1) They are "working but not making money". They pay to work rather than get paid.

2) The "income" is actually a small rebate in 99%+ of the time from buying Amway crap. So it is kind of like 3-6% tax return. It was your money first anyway. This becomes clear.

3) Amway is expensive and unless you are a brainwashed cultist does not represent value to any normal person. $30 for washing detergent any takers...

4) People they recruit figure out the ruse and leave, so even if they are happy being a Judas goat, there is no benefits since their down-line keeps dwindling.

5) The have no friends other than "Amway friends" who are not friends at all.

6) The real job they have starts to suffer and unlike the Amway fixation it actually pays the bills and feeds the mouths.

The tools are used to endlessly serve the dogma up to keep the believers believing.
It is said if you repeat something over and over again, it will end up seeming true. Mental conditioning/brainwashing.

So my view is the tools serve a more malignant purpose than just for financial gain.

They are what are used to enslave people by their greed, envy and pride and holding them hostage with their dreams of having lots of money, time and sloth.

Joecool said...

Great post. One thing the uplines also do to help motivate the rank and file IBOs is to edifying certain behavior such as recognizing someone who hasn't missed a meeting for 6 months or someone who's shown the plan every week for several months. Some downline value this recognition more than an actual profit. My former sponsor was one of those who loved the adulation more than the money itself.