Monday, October 1, 2018

Amway Goals?

One of the things that you may be taught as an Amway IBO is to have a goal. While having a goal in a good thing, I believe the context in which it is taught by Amway leaders is misleading. They want to motivate you to "go diamond" or perhaps some other achievement in the Amway business, but there is no specific means to achieve these goals and frankly, I do not believe that many IBOs or prospects understand what they are pursuing. Many IBOs don't even understand what it is to build an Amway business because a conventional business builds their business by increasing their customer base. That is not necessarily the case with Amway where they constantly recruit additional downline.

For example, one way that diamond leaders try to motive their downline is to show displays of wealth. They may show fancy cars, or talk about the mansion they own and paid for in cash, or they may show you a fancy vacation or jewelry. All the while, these diamonds may be up to their ears in debt. Has a diamond ever showed anyone a copy of their bank account balances or a business tax return? While IBOs may claim that this is nobody's business, I beg to differ. In the REAL world of business, these are not uncommon practices. A close friend of mine who recently sold a franchise business not only gave copies on his bank statements, but three years worth of tax returns to the eventual buyer of his business. It was to verify his claim that his business was worth buying.

So for IBOs and prospects, what is your business goal. If it's to make $500 a month, has your "mentor" actually sat down to discuss this and to map out how this can be accomplished? What about setbacks? In the Amway business, the Amway reputation is damaged, thus achieving certain tasks may be much more difficult to conquer than you are led to believe? Is your upline actually helping your individual cause or are they simply leading you to purchase more tools? If your goal is not diamond, are you receiving the same help as others in the group?

The big question though, is are you progressing towards your stated goal and are you on schedule to accomplish the goal and reap the rewards, or have you fallen into a trap of attending meetings and listening to standing order and accomplishing nothing? If you have stated goals, there should be tangible and measurable ways to assess your progress (i.e. profits). If your upline starts to feed to rubbish about being a nicer person or that Amway saves marriages, then your upline may be leading you astray or at least towards goals that won't improve your bottom line.

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