Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Amway Tools?

One of the things that many Amway defenders will claim is that too many IBOs do not apply what they are taught, thus they do not succeed. While I agree with this in principle, I believe that there are many many more problems with the Amway systems that have nothing to do an IBO's willingness to apply what they are taught.

For the record, I will be refering to IBOs who actually make an effort to build the business. I know many IBOs do little or nothing, but that in itself is a whole different issue, probably stemming from deception in the recruitment process. But okay, let's look at the systems.

Voicemail. The voicemail systems used by many groups are not only expensive, but completely unnecessary. Most newer IBOs do not even earn enough money from Amway to pay for their voicemail, and frankly, in an internet based type of business, I don't see why email or skype is not utilized, except for the fact that eliminating voicemail would be eliminating a profit center for many uplines. In fact, if voicemail must be used, why aren't IBOs using the Amway version of voicemail so IBOs can gain PV/BV? The excuse that KATE may be better doesn't fly because I'm sure Amway could make improvements to the system they have. But overall, email would still be just as efficient at no cost.

Standing orders. If you attend functions, why would you need an endless supply of cds or tapes? Most of these are recorded at functions anyway, thus upline is hitting you twice as you pay for the function and then get hit up for the standing order again. And how many standing orders give you specific and practical advice on running a profitable Amway business? I am guessing that very little practical advice is given on these standing orders. Why do you need a new supply every week?

Functions. If standing orders are so valuable, why do you need to spend money on functions, especially functions where airfare and hotel expenses are needed? Why wouldn't there be less major functions and more regional functions? If the true intent of these meetings is to generate IBO success, then shouldn't the IBOs be able to attend functions closer to home to reduce cost and to make them more accessible to the rank and file IBO?

All in all, I believe that some tools may have value and can teach IBOs some sales and relationship techniques, but I also believe that tools are over promoted in many LOS groups, to the financial detriment of many IBOs. If IBOs were made profitable in their first month or months of business, there would be less need for so much motivation. When do you have enough tools?

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