Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Where Are They?

One of the things that is used to entice Amway prospects into joining the business is the lure of passive residual income that will continue to roll in after someone stops working. Or as some IBOs put it, you do the work once and it pays you for the rest of your life. It sounds like a great theory, but does it actually work? Why aren't there people who retired as am Amway IBO simply walking the beaches and cashing bonus checks? Why are crown ambassadors and double diamonds working until they pass away or working the functions with no signs of slowing down? Some Amway defenders claim that these folks enjoy working the business but I would submit that they work because they live lives of excess and their income from the tools and functions would stop if they stop working,

When there is debate about this alleged income from Amway raging on, why aren't any of these retired Amway folks stepping forward to confirm that they did the work and stepped away? Where are they? Do they exist? I mean some people believe in UFOs and Sasquatch (bigfoot) and while these theories are well known, there has never been bonafide evidence that a UFO exists, and a Sasquatch body has never been recovered. I believe that UFOs or bigfoot might be possible, but there is simply no proof. There were many hoaxes that were uncovered regarding these issues, but no bonafide proof. Everyone seems to know about it and many have claimed that UFOs and Sasquatch exist but not a single significant piece of evidence exists. Same with retired and "walked away from the business" Amway diamonds.

Seems like it's basically the same with Amway residual income. There are many stories and statements made about lifelong passive residual income coming from Amway, but all of the evidence I have seen suggests otherwise. When half to two thirds of Amway IBOs do nothing or quit within a year, and more than 95% of IBOs never last 5 years, what case can you make that the Amway opportunity can provide you with lifelong residual income? Even those who have attained levels where you can allegedly walk away and collect income don't do so. Why is that? Is it because they just love traveling across the country all year long to work functions, or is it the more likely possibility that they keep working - because they have to.

Diamonds show off a very excessive lifestyle. Lifestyles that probably cannot be sustained on the incomes reported by Amway. So is lifelong passive residual income from Amway a myth or reality? I believe it is a lie told by AMOs (The systems) because if this were true, you would hear it from Amway themselves. If people are truly walking away from their Amway businesses and living in luxury, then where are they? They very likely don't exist at all.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! Came across your blog and was happy to see that it is currently being written, talking about everything that is happening now. A lot of the ones I come across are from years and years ago and it's good to know that people will be able to see that it's still a scam. I was part of a different Amway organization for almost three years and stopped doing anything about a year ago when I realized how awful it is. This particular post made me think about all the times diamonds or speakers at info sessions/conferences/etc. would say along the lines of "There's people that will say 'But I love my job!' if you love it so much, would you still keep going tomorrow if they didn't pay you? Because if you wouldn't you don't truly love it. You're doing it because you get paid to do it " To which I would always think, I know for a fact that not one higher up, whether it be a Platinum, Diamond Double Diamond, what have you, would continue doing this if they didn't receive a check. They say they do it to help people, but I would bet my life that they wouldn't keep "helping people" if the money stopped coming in.