Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Amway/WWDB Eagle Program?

Eagle Parameters:
Signed Counsel Sheet to Upline Diamond
300 PV personal use/retail for couples, 200 PV personal use/retail for singles
6-5-3 (PB/SO/MF) - Explained below
6 legs at 100 PV or higher
5 legs on standing order
3 legs attending major functions

What is Eagle? Basically, Eagle is a made up goal. I believe it was originally made up by WWDB. In fact, I think Eagle was around when I was an IBO back about 12-13 years ago. The reason why I say it is a “made up goal” is because it is. It was not a part of the Amway sales and marketing plan. You receive ZERO additional compensation from Amway for achieving the designated level of Eagle, aside from your volume rebate. In a previous post (recently), I broke down the numbers, giving the IBOs the benefit of the doubt in sales, and the only conclusion I could arrive it was that most Eagles must be losing money.

The Amway sales and marketing plan, as shown in many groups, assume that an IBO will move 100 PV in volume, though a combination of personal use and selling of products to family, friends and customers. To be an Eagle, you are expected to move 300/200 PV (Couples/singles) in personal volume. In many, and probably most cases, an IBO typically will consume most of that 100 PV by him or herself. That means the Eagle program artificially inflates the need for Amway products. If you disagree, name one former Eagle (and I am one) who consumes Amway products to the tune of 300/200 PV per month. *crickets chirping*

I believe the Eagle program was simply the brainchild of some LOS leader who wanted to create some kind of incentive to prove an IBO’s loyalty to upline and to secure a certain level of tool purchases from downline. If you do the math, and consider that fact that IBOs on standing order and attending functions are somewhat serious business builders, then every individual in the Eagle program is likely to be losing money. The person designated as “Eagle” may be duped into thinking they have a net business profit, but when you factor in the extra 200/100 PV that you are expected to move, you are losing money, possibly lots of money, unless you are selling that extra 200 PV. If not, you are simply absorbing an extra $300 to $600 worth of products that you probably do not need, If Eagle was truly something worth attaining, wouldn’t it be promoted by Amway and given some kind of financial incentive?

As an IBO, you are MUCH better off simply by moving your 100 PV with a combination of personal use, and selling to friends, family, and most importantly, retail customers. In fact, someone simply selling 200/100 PV in products at full suggested retail price is likely to be better off than someone who is at 1000 PV with an Eagle structure, but self consuming the majority of the 300/200 PV personal circle that is in the Eagle parameters. I challenge anyone to show how a group can be better off financially by maintaining an Eagle structure. *crickets chirping*.


Gmoney said...

Man, that's lame. When they were recruiting me, the guy showed me what I needed to do to gross $50,000. I remember thinking that type of effort should gross $500,000 as it sounded like managing a small town where people were always moving (quitting).

Anonymous said...

Joe, from what you say it's clear that "Eagle" is just some sort of honorary title that carries no financial rewards at all, except that it encourages you to develop a bigger PV. In this sense it is no different from the "Good Conduct Medal" awarded in the American army to any soldier who stays out of trouble.

More and more I see that the driving force behind Amway isn't primarily money, but a desperate need for respect and recognition. Amway focuses on recruiting humiliated losers who crave to be "honored" in some way.

Joecool said...

Yes, the "Eagles" receive adulation and edification from upline at functions but when you think about doing an additional 100 PV (for singles) and 150 PV for couples, you're looking at spending an additonal $250 to $450 per month, unless you are a very rare IBO who can sell 100 PV or more. And then you have downline who are on standing orders, attending functions, etc.

The real reward from being an eagle is received by your upline diamond who gets paid for all of your purchases and loyalty to the training program. An eagle is special to the upline because it ensures maximum profitability for upline. If the vast majority of IBOs attending functions lose money, the Eagles are probably losing twice as much.