Friday, November 2, 2018

Some Random Observations About Amway?

Observation #1: In general, IBOs are less successful in life than others. That is why they are more open to the business and why they can be convinced that there is a shortcut to retirement and perpetual wealth. When I was an IBO, I was not where I wanted to be financially, as I was younger and at the earlier stages of my career. I would not be open to “options” right now, however, many people looking for more in life or a shortcut to retirement may be more susceptible to looking at options. It's just that the Amway opportunity, in my opinion, ir a poor option.

Observation #2: The biggest zealots/supporters appear to have the smallest businesses. They talk the talk - but no evidence of walk the walk. Also, any discussion about their personal success with the business is limited and shrouded in secrecy or they will make vague references about their level of success. They will say that their incomes are not relevant to the discussion or will point out a copy of someone's check or show a picture of a diamond's mansion, but will never disclose real financials like a REAL business owner would.

Observation #3: The business has a bad reputation and cannot be marketed to the general public without some degree of deception. It’s why there are so many testimonials of people tricked into attending meetings (including myself). Being straight forward with information will likely get you a resounding “No thanks”.

Observation #4: It would appear that much upline teaching is not focused on actually running a profitable business, but dedication to the system. It’s why so many IBOs don’t seem to know what a profit loss statement is, and don’t bother keeping one themselves. It’s also why the content of many BSMs is to purchase more BSMs. At functions, they will tell you to attend more functions and buy more standing orders, and on standing orders, they will tell you to never quit and to attend more functions.

Observation #5: IBOs in general don’t seem to have planned out their retirement. They are convinced that the Amway opportunity will provide for them when they reach their retirement years. They put down people who are working jobs and investing for their futures. They feel that purchasing function tickets is their investment for retirement. While a fraction of 1% might make some significant money in Quixtar, the vast majority do not. The fact that the majority may not have put forth a Herculean effort is irrelevant in my opinion. The bottom line is that the vast majority will not make an income from this opportunity. To ignore this fact is burying your head in the sand.

***Here is a link to a new Amway blogger. I checked it out and enjoyed the articles:


Unknown said...

Great article. I found observation 4 especially insightful. While there's a lot of emphasis on financial freedom in the talks, the only financial knowledge that is really shared with IBOs is how to switch their expenses to Amway products. The majority of the teachings are filled with stories geared towards triggering emotional investment from IBOs.

Also, thank you! Much gratitude for sharing my post Joecool!

Gmoney said...

Observation #3: "The business has a bad reputation and cannot be marketed to the general public without some degree of deception." Yes, I recently met with some gentlemen to discuss a business opportunity. Our first meeting last week at a coffee shop they did not/would not/could not reveal their business name. I made an Amway statement and they said Amway was a "partner". I was promised more details at the next meeting. I met with them yesterday, now with the big guy mentor in tow. I made an Amway statement and was told I didn't understand. Later during the presentation I finally got down to the fine print, rephrased my question, and the guy admitted it was for an Amway IBO. It's funny they concealed the name of the business for nearly three hours total.

Anonymous said...

Point #4 is especially apt. "Up-line teaching is not focused on actually running a profitable business, but dedication to the system." This should be carved in granite, as it is a solid truth about the Amway racket.

Everything in Amway is about Amway, and nothing else. Not even money! When you are truly brainwashed by your Amway up-line, you begin to think that even when you are losing money you are "successful." That's hardly a business in any practical sense. It's a form of religion.