Thursday, September 19, 2019

Never Quit?

Never quit! That's what some uplines will teach new IBOs. They will make anecdotal comparisons about sports champions never quitting. For example, Tiger Woods will never quit in a golf tournament. While this may be true, the golf tournament will end and Tiger will play another day in another tournament. A football player may not quit, but the game will end and they will play another game on another day. The same thing happens in many sports. It's silly to compare a sport to a business in this manner. 

When someone says never quit, they mean don't stop trying, but it doesn't necessarily mean never quit Amway or never quit the tools systems. Many business owners at one time, have found themselves in a losing position. At times a business owner may have to make a business decision to close his current business due to lack of business, rent/lease is too high, etc. It doesn't mean that the owner is a quitter. This very same owner may open a new and very different business. That new and different business might be very prosperous. 

It appears to me, that some uplines use the catch phrase of never quit, and puts a negative label on those who quit Amway, as a means to apply subtle pressure to IBOs. I believe it is because an IBO who quits will not continue to be a customer of their lucrative tools systems. More likely an upline could care less if you succeed or not, as long as you continue to purchase tools. It's why they want people to never quit. Do they assess your business or is this a blanket statement to a large audience? 

IBOs and prospects need to take a critical look at their businesses. Take a look at your income versus your expenditures. Are you netting a profit or are you seeing losses month after month? Another vital factor is whether you are suffering a loss almost exclusively because of the expenses associated with the standing orders and functions? Some uplines will encourage IBOs to ignore facts, or they will try to install hope with talk about success being around the corner, but these teachings are more likely self serving, to get IBOs to continue to buy tools, whether or not it is in the best interest of that IBO. You are an independent business owner and as such, need to make your own decision about taking on expenses if you do not have enough revenue to cover those expenses. 

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