Monday, September 30, 2019

Walking The Beaches?

So many Amway IBOs apparently get involved in Amway because they are under the impression that one day they will get rich. That much is clear. The uplines are smart enough, though, to say the right thing such as Amway is not gt rich quick. By doing this, the new IBOs or prospects can think they are in a legitimate business because they have been told it is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact they may even be told that Amway is hard work. But the bottom line is that they must have been told they will eventually get rich or that they willl make it if they will only follow the system. 

By saying that Amway is not get rich quick, the upline can also hook you into the tools systems for several years. They will say you need tools, just as a carpenter needs a saw and a hammer. But an Amway IBO's role is simple. Sell products, buy products, sponsor downline. You wouldn't need a 500 page manual and a bunch of cds to learn how to turn on a television would you? Yet so many people get sucked into functions and standing orders under the false idea that these are investments into your business. But still, people will do this because they have been sold on the idea that they will eventually get rich in Amway. 2-5 years to achieve financial freedom seems like a get rich (quick) scheme to me. 

I may be repeating some of these questions ad nauseum but it should reveal an answer that IBOs and prospects need. Where are the people who built their business right in 2-5 years and chose the option of walking away and njoying financial freedom while the money keeps rolling in? In over 50 years of existence, I don't know of anyone, save for Amway's owners, who can walk away and have significant income. Also, If this were an IBO benefit, why doesn't Amway list this as a benefit? Maybe it doesn't exist? Maybe it's just a myth? 

Do you really believe that all the diamonds could be anywhere in the world with anyone they choose, but they simply choose to be at your function because they love you? Isn't it more likely that all those diamonds at your function are there because they love your money (from ticket sales)? Seriously, if all the diamonds could be walking the beaches of the world with unlimited money rolling in, I'm sure some of them would choose that option instead of being in Edmonton or Portland for a Dream Night in January. 

If you believe you truly will get rich in Amway, remember that Amway says the average active IBO earns $202 a month. If you do get rich in Amway one day, you;ll have many downline losing money in order for you to be successful. Can you get rich in Amway? For most I seriously doubt it. You are more likely to fill your garage with stuff and lose money from attending functions than the possibility of getting rich in a person to person business.  Even those who make money in Amway do so at the expense of their downline, not because "everyone succeeds".


Anonymous said...

Joe, you have touched upon a very important point.

If the Amway "business" is basically simple and uncomplicated, then why does anybody need an endless number of cd's and books and tapes and meetings to learn it? Why do you have to attend meetings week after week, for years? Why must you pay for silly "functions" that just repeat the same old rah-rah bullshit?

Teaching someone to use a computer doesn't take years and years! With a little effort, in a few weeks you can be proficient at it. Can the Amway racket REALLY be that difficult?

The real purpose of all those tools and meetings and functions is to bleed you dry of money.

Red Rose said...

FED Dates!

Red Deer, Alberta Canada October 4-6
Las Vegas, Nevada October 11-13
Vancouver, Canada October 18-20
Denver, Colorado October 25-27
Minneapolis, Minnesota November 1-3

Red Rose said...

I have yet to see any Amway WWDB Diamond do this on their own dime and NOT on a Amway sponsored trip. I much rather go where I want to go instead of waiting for Amway to take me somewhere.