Monday, April 13, 2020

Amway Updates?

If anyone has information about how Amway folks are operating currently under covid 19 restrictions, please post them as comments here.  I would assume that business is down as much as most other businesses, maybe more as many IBOs may not have cash to be exploited by upline.  I can’t imagine someone living in the edge coughing up good money to attend an online function

I have heard that online functions cost as much as the live functions.  I guess the diamonds are hurting as recruitment activities are being slows by the societal restrictions caused by the virus.  But it does burn me to know that even in tough times, the upline look to exploit the down line for their personal gain.

So I wish everyone well.  Stay safe and please share any stories you may have about how Amway IBOs and groups are currently operating.


Anonymous said...

Well, all meetings to recruit for Amway have to be held on-line, if that's in any way possible. You can't have twenty people in your living room watching you draw chalk circles. And most potential recruits aren't going accept invitations from strangers to come to a gathering.

What I have heard is that Amway up-line is using the crisis to push a much stronger propaganda line about Amway being "the only thing out there!" As businesses close down or discharge employees that they can't pay, this gives a certain kind of surface plausibility to Amway's claim that "the retail market has changed forever, and the only possible profit-making enterprise is MLMs."

Of course, it's sheer bullshit. But many people who are in panic-mode and crazed hysteria might be inclined to believe it.

Amway freaks will do or say ANYTHING to profit from a crisis.

Anonymous said...

I was in Amway on two separate occasions and I find it interesting that my last upline did "check" on me during this pandemic say that now is the time t get back into it because "the model has changed." He asked me to attend an online meeting to get reacquanted and sure enough there was a fee. You would think that they would offer me free meeting since I had been in it before but they really think they can resell the same old stuff.

Anonymous said...

The "model" for Amway will never change. It's just another pyramid scheme disguised as a direct-selling operation.

Anonymous said...

But I remember what they told me. "pyramid schemes are illegal." So how can Amway be that bad?
I also remember hearing the diamond say, its not about Amway.Should have known then it was about buying all the learning material.

Anonymous said...

Pyramid schemes in themselves are not illegal.. only those pyramid schemes that rely totally on the recruitment of new members rather than on the retail sale of products to the general public.

Amway avoids prosecution by disguising the purchases that IBOs make, calling them either "for self-consumption" or "sales to third parties" (usually non-existent customers who can't be traced).

The Diamond whom you heard was correct. "It's not about Amway." It's about fees for the endless learning materials, and for weekly meetings and yearly functions. And in addition, it is about ENDLESS RECRUITMENT of new IBOs.