Monday, April 27, 2020

Amway Four Eyes?

One of the Amway pitches used by upline was the four Is.   The upline would give a reliable speech about how the four Is (I) would suck the life out of you.  Now you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about?   Well, the four Is are insurance, interest, income tax and inflation.

Most everyone has various types of insurance, typically car, home and possibly life insurance where you pay for something you hope you will never need to use.  This expense is depicted as a necessary evil that helps people broke.  Next you have interest.  As many or most people are in debt, you wind up paying interest.   You pay interest but receive very little of it for your money in the bank.

Then you have income tax.  The government makes sure they take a piece of your earnings to provide public services and taxes seemingly only go up but never down.  You can’t escape paying taxes.  It’s the only sure thing in life besides death.  Lastly there’s inflation.  Luckily with interest rates at record lows, inflation is low but the common denominator is that all of the four Is take pieces of your income.

What gets weird from here is how upline will toss you a pitch to justify how someway somehow, Amway levels the playing field and by doing Amway you can overcome the four Is.  I find it odd how so many IBOs miss the fact that they are cash negative directly attributable to Amway and the related Amway too and function sales.

While the uplines May gave a slippery way of pitching Amway, anyone with common sense and the ability to do some basic general math should be able to see right thru the charade.  How can a cash negative proposition help you with the four Is?  The answer is it can’t but you need to be able to discern the forest from the trees to see through upline deception.  Stay safe!

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Anonymous said...

Insurance, income tax, interest, and inflation. Three of those things are simple facts of life that no one can escape. You need insurance if you own a car or a house or if you want to leave cash for your funeral. You can't escape income tax unless you are a pauper. And inflation is beyond the control of any private individual.

As for interest on a loan, you can avoid that by not being in debt. If you are frugal, and pay your bills on time every month, you just might avoid interest payments. It's hard, but it's possible.

The ironic thing is that if you are in Amway, you CAN'T avoid interest payments! You're always strapped for cash. Despite the lies and propaganda, it's very clear that even Diamonds in Amway are up to their eyeballs in debt. Some of them have gone bankrupt, or had their homes foreclosed on.

So the "four I's" are a curse that lies heavily on every fool who joins Amway. Amway is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what it promises, which is the illusion of financial independence.