Sunday, April 5, 2020

Your Bottom Line?

One thing I urge Amway IBOs yo do is to use common sense and watch your bottom line. If you see a net loss and keep doing the same things, you're likely to see a net loss again.  Tomes are tough now with the covid 19 wreaking havoc on the economy.  Many have lost jobs or lost income and I hope that is restored soon, but I would hate to see IBOs exploited by upline during this trying time.

Upline is good at teaching something that makes perfect sense and then teaching IBOs to do the opposite. For example, they teach you to get out of debt but then turn around and encourage down line to rack up debt if it’s to purchase audios or function tickets. If debt is no good, thorn it’s also no good for your Amway business.  The business should generate enough revenue to cover this expenses or you should consider skipping them.

I have heard that functions are occurring online at regular cost of course.  That is likely because the diamonds are all feeling the pinch of a bad economy and need to squeeze out more income fir themselves.  You’re supposed to just buy what you need but the defacto 100 PV quota almost assures that you overspend to meet the quota or buy things you normally do not such as energy drinks, vitamin supplements and other related health products.

I just encourage IBOs to really analyze their bottom lines and hold onto your money if your business is. It generating the kind of income you expect.  Things will recover but in a tight economy, your money can be better spent elsewhere.  I’d hate to see people blow their federal stimulus checks on functions that won’t help their business grow.

Stay safe and watch your bottom line!


Anonymous said...

Hello, it's not only Amway but another MLM, Oriflame that is engaging in questionable practices in India. A number of complaints have been filed with Consumer complaints and are mostly unresolved from feedback received from people who complained. But it marked as resolved. Why is this false information given to the public? Some one at the Consumer Complaints should reply this question.

Here is the link to the consumer complaints in India:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Oriflame India is posting complaints as resolved but the complaints have been largely unresolved. Is this legal?