Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What Is An Amway Diamond?

 I was an IBO back in the 1990s and I recall how the audience basically worshipped the diamonds and made as if they walked in water.  after all, they had achieved what everyone wanted right?  They were allegedly wealthy beyond most people’s dreams and could sleep until noon each day because they didn’t have to report to a job.  But if you’ve been around and experienced some of what I’ve seen, you get a different perspective.

Basically a diamond is an Amway customer and an Amway sales person who works for commissions only with no fringe benefits.  Additionally, Amway basically owns them because Amway has the power to stop their commissions if Amway’s in disagreement over various business issues.

Secondarily, Amway diamonds have a second job/business selling tools and functions.  I believe it would be common for a diamond to make as much or more income from tools and functions than from Amway.  You say no chance?  How about this?  Diamonds only have to qualify one time and possibly may never actually be a diamond again but can still appear on stage earning their living by speaking and selling audios or cds.

Also, tools and functions have a higher markup than Amway products thus the potential for more profits.  Rank and file IBOS receive Amway bonus money but don’t share in the action fir tools and functions.  It is why the tools and functions are emphasized by upline. But in the end a diamond is just an Amway customer and sales person.

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