Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amway - You Can't Decide to Go Diamond?

One of the things I see around some forums, and what I remember from my Amway days is hearing about how someone "made the decision" to go diamond. You cannot "decide" to go diamond anymore than you can decide to win the lottery. You can decide to work hard and you can decide to try and follow all of the recommended advice for achieving in Amway, but you cannot "decide" to go diamond. Going diamond requires you to have certain group structures, which requries sponsoring. Sponsoring others is something that is not directly within your control. Maintaining retention in your group is also something you may not have direct control over.

One familiar theme I recall hearing on WWDB rally tapes is that someone, usually the man of the house, finally made a decision to go diamond. I don't recall a detailed explanation of what that meant. When I was prospected into Amway, my sponsor never could tell me in a straight answer what you actually do as an IBO. All he kept assuring me of was that I could be taught everything I needed to know. Looking back, he was right. In a nutshell, the Amway business is simply this: Buy, sell, and sponsor. But of the three components, the only one an IBO can directly control is to "buy". To sell or to sponsor is something that you have no direct control over. Yes, some people can improve and get better at selling or prospecting, but I believe the vast majority of people, even those who work hard and give effort, simply do not have the skills to overcome the reputation and high prices that apparently stigmatize the Amway business.

As I have stated, you can decide to try Amway. You can decide to buy tools and products, you can decide to work hard and give your best effort. You can decide that this is a good opportunity for you. But you cannot decide that you will go diamond. Many have tried, very few have made it. Even those who attain the apparent pinnacle of success, often find that maintaining the level is a near impossible task. Good luck to you if you "decide" to go for it.


Anon UK said...

I think when people talk about making the decision to go diamond, it is more of an indication of their willing to do whatever it takes to go diamond. (Be teachable, do as upline does, lose a shed load of money e.t.c.)

As you say there are many variables that you have little or no control over (even less control if you have submitted to upline) that are obstacles in your path.

Anonymous said...

I love it. You talk with such authority about things you don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Deciding to Go Diamond actually means, that you have decided to milk PV out of 2-3 of your legs. Usually the new diamonds have 2-4 strong legs which qualify as Q12 every year at the minimum. The rest of the 2 legs would have stocked up products so that the upline can go diamond. During my upline's emerald (Ramesh Raghavan-part of Sugeet Ajmani) qualification, we stocked up 1500-2500PV worth of products for abt 3-4 months and in one month bought 6500PV and qualified as new silver. My upline emerald in his cd talks passionately about his journey to Emerald and how they decided to make a move to Emerald- they dont talk abt actually deciding to milk PV out of their downline.

Anonymous said...

"Ananymous" - I was part of the Gala group to which Sugeet Ajmani and this other guy Ramesh Raghavan belong. "Milking" is the right term. They milked 1000 PV to 1500 PV from me every month when my upline went platinum!

Anonymous said...

and the funny thing is, none of you have done a single bloody thing. blah blah blah gusti!

Anonymous said...

hei "Anonymous" - me "Anonymous2"... i know 1 bww diamond prakash and smita hegde, (in LA) part of shivram and anjali kumar team. the fellow did not have any q12 legs in the U.S. but somehow "milked" all of his legs and somehow qualified diamond. it may take him another 10 yrs to requalify diamond, but he gotta the pin now.

Anonymous said...

hey guys i was a part of Prakash & Smita in LA for 6 years, my estimate of the amount of money me and my wife have wasted going to functions, seminars, buying cd's, air tickets etc is more than $75,000. People might not believe but I swear on my family this is the truth. Prakash and Smita have only 5 platinum legs and 1 leg in India has been given to them by their upline Ramesh and Rama.
Leg 1 Vinay & Mamata (Platinum)
Leg 2 Praveen & Pinky (Platinum)
Leg 3 Kishore & Rajshri (Platinum)
Leg 4 Rajeev & Deepti (Squeezed the PV of them)
Leg 5 India leg don't remember the name
Leg 6 India leg have no clue how are they in their group.
So this couple does not have even 1 Q12 in their group. All his group and people are getting milked/squeezed.???????????
God Bless all you guys who are in this group.

Anonymous said...

They decided to go founders Emerald this year, that is 75K bonus.
He Chose 3 of his platinum's. They talk on stage that only with min 25-30 SOT you can start Silvership. If you make a decision to go Silver/platinum, they don't allow you until you have 25-30 SOT. This criteria is not applicable for qualifying Q12 legs. They milk and make it happen so that they get the 75K founders emerald bonus.
When they decided to go diamond it was emotional dream, facts don't count.( not even 6 legs) If you make decision to go Silver all the facts count, how many people in your team, your SOT etc,etc.
Everything depends on the goal they decide, rest all need to obey that or he will kill you emotionally.
You cant make money by sponsoring more people, you need to obey him and do tap rooting or else he will ditch you. Not my words, he claimed on stage. Amway policy never said that.
He is good in dumping garbage on his team, main passion ( all night owls) is to talk abt the mistakes made by other people in his different team or just get things out of his system and put dirt on others and blame them in the name of self image.

Anonymous said...

Amway leaders are so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. They are so self centered and manipulate people with continuous brain washing garbage to their downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

1. Winter conference (January)
2. Spring conference (April)
3. Summer conference (July)
4. FED (October)

Joecool said...

The standing orders and other local functions also add to some cash after a while. They eat away at your resources one cd and one function at a time. They keep you going by saying the next function or cd might contain the one thing you need to hear to turn the corner and "explode" your business.

annoynumus said...

This is not true. How much they can make from system income. Yes there is a system income which is available to platinum's and up.
Amway at his pure form is one of the best business in the world. But when the so called leaders manipulate the people to achieve their goals of making money is making this business bad. Amway has lot of money paid out in each level and it's true

Joecool said...

Amway's a great business if you own Amway. It's not so great for the IBO's. Unfortunately, some bad leaders to manipulate and rip off their downline.

Anonymous said...

Amway is great business and BWW is the best system. People can make money and lot of people are making money also. Seminars and all are very good for your personnel growth which is very important. The bad part is some leaders who are very selfish and control their team to achieve their goals. Talk something on the stage and act exactly opposite. The above mentioned LA leader Hegde is one among them, and his team is not really prospering. Most of them are like slaves to a commander.
Mot of the people in his team are happy when he is not around

Joecool said...

So if leaders are selfish, their downline suffer and lose money. Isn't that a reason that Amway and BWW sucks?

Anonymous said...

It's not all the Leaders are same, so dont blame Amway and BWW. In all profession we see rotten eggs, that doesn't mean that profession is bad. In true sense Amway is the best business in the world and Bill Britt teaching is the best and it can change some one life in a positive way. Please remember that people can also change and they may become the best leader and flourish their team.

Anonymous said...

still don't get it, do you? typical ambot.

Anonymous said...

You are true. Amway and BWW by far is the best business. because its peoples biz its very difficult to build but rewarding business.

About hegde group: Some of these senior people are very rude, i dont know from where they got training or attitude. but lots of uplines in this group chase pvs, they treat their downlines as their employees.

Cathy Liu said...

I feel sorry for you that you were in the amway business for 6 years and did not succeed. If you continue to blame others for your lack of success and for your own failures, then you will never succeed in anything. It's so true - losers are whiners.

Joecool said...

Cathy, what have you achieved in Amway? Anything of significance? If not then most likely you are just a "pre" loser yourself.

Anonymous said...

@cathy: I was part of this Hegde team. They just lie on your face. Cathy, just wait till you start building multiple strong legs and then you will start feeling the heat. Also, try and ask your upline about their expenses vs income and see their faces.

Or calculate your expenses vs income. Don't forget to compare your expenses before amway and after amway as well. Also, don't forget to add those meeting and conference fees with all hotel plus travel plus food spending some.

And try to remember if they ever told you about all these expenses before you joined? Or they talked about just registration.

This Hegde team is targeting students for a reason. More spending with less thought process involved, more enthusiasm and believe in people fast.

They are even trying to take F1 visa holders without verifying whether it's even legal without proper documents. This might ruin someone's carrier if govt takes action.

Honesty is important when it comes to teamwork. And even though Amway might be a good business model, it hardly works due to scammers involved.

Brian Ramirez said...

I was a part of their team 4 years ago and I walked out losing a lot of money and time. The main lie thrown in my face was that this was something I could do while keeping my studies a priority at USC. The amount of time it really takes to make money in this organization makes it so that you literally have to eat and breathe Amway to get anywhere. Even the, its really hard to make it.

Anonymous said...

Amway does demand total, complete, and all-consuming commitment. Only live-wire, Energizer-Bunny types actually make significant money in Amway, and they do it at the expense of every other aspect of human life. Family, friends, education, private interests -- all of these things have to play second fiddle to their Amway religion.

That would be OK if it were their informed choice. But it isn't. They are lied to by those who introduce them to the Amway "Plan." They are told by recruiters that Amway can be handled as a part-time job, and that only a few hours a week will be required of them. This a bald-faced LIE. Anyone who devotes just a few hours a week to Amway will eventually be bled dry by up-line.

Amway is a "bait-and-switch" scheme. You are told one thing to entice you into joining. And once you have joined, you quickly find out that the demands on your time, resources, and money are astronomical.

Amway is a totally corrupt racket, where up-line leeches off a struggling down-line.

Lorikeets said...

To Brian, you should be proud of extricating yourself and overcoming all the manipulation, pressures and tactics. I'm sure it wasn't made easy for you.