Monday, April 19, 2010

Amway - The Tools Have What Value?

When I was an IBO and even now, I see IBOs and others claiming that the tools are vital. That tools are necessary to achieve success in Amway. When I was an IBO, and I suspect even now, that uplines tout tools as a defacto mandatory part of being an Amway business owner. That nobody can succeed without tools. That tools are optional, but so is success. Noone has ever succeeded without tools but you can try to be the first. But if an IBO stops and turns on their critical thinking, one should ask, what value is in the tools?

For hardworking and dedicated IBOs, the tools are likely to cost on average $200 a month of more. If you have to travel by plane to attend functions, then your cost may be even higher. Driving the miles to show the plan, standing orders, voicemail, website fees, books and other materials basically become the business. I would bet money that most IBO spend more time listening to cds or voicemail than they ever do selling and/or promoting products.

Can you learn from some of the tools? Yes, I believe you can, but what value do they add to your efforts as an IBO? If you are a real business owner, you don't spend more on tools than your monthly income for very long unless the tools will directly result in your ability to make more profit. Most IBOs don't even make enough income from Amway to cover the cost of their monthly voicemail bill, let alone the other materials and the functions. Most IBOs never sponsor anyone, which is the key to attempting to achieve the residual income that many are chasing but few (if any) have ever achieved.

I mean if you handed out 6 cds and the result was 6 people sponsored, I would say you had a great deal. But I personally don;t know of anyone who ever handed out a standing order or any tape or cd that resulted in sponsoring a downline. I don't know of anyone whose business was profoundly affected positively because of the tools. Those who achieve in Amway appear to be natural leaders with a degree of charisma. It is why people gravitate towards them and are motivated by them. Lacking that, most other IBOs simply play a game called Amway that becomes expensive over a period of time. It is why there are stories of people losing tens of thousands of dollars in a business where there is "low risk". Your moneyis drained on function at a time, one standing order at a time. Thousands of people spending $200 a month on tools equals a nice income.

But do the tools have value? I don't see much there, unless you are selling the tools.


Anonymous said...

If the system is interested in really helping people succeed as they claim, they can and should offer free mp3/video download of information. (This is technically not free as somebody has paid for the function where training speeches are delivered- Atleast this a better option than having to pay $8 for a cd.)

Their theory that why should they offer for free, when there are so many PMA gurus who sell their stuff and make profits and nobody questions them. Well, you know what you sign up for when you buy the PMA guru’s stuff- you are buying PMA stuff. But in Amway you think you sign up in Amway and all these system expenses start creeping in slowly but steadily and exponentially.

I totally agree with the system’s theory of you cant expect to graduate from college withou buying tools/paying for education- so you should pay for educating yourself on how to build the business. My problem is in college they don’t expect you to buy 100 different books on the same subject. But in system as long as you are active you have the pleasure and joy of paying to listen to the same stuff over and over again. Talk about residual expense.

The funniest part is the IBOs first pay for the function to hear the speeches and pay again to hear the same speeches in the CD format and pay again to watch the videos in BWW TV.

If the system really cares about helping people and not in their profits, they can have make the IBOs pay for rally cds (success stories)- to share with prospects b’coz as per the system’s theory a doctor cannot realte to an engineer’s story and vice versa and make IBOs pay for any baisc training speeches which they want to share with prospects. Once the prospects become IBOs, the system can offer free training information.

Anonymous said...

I agree that alot of the content in the CDs is repetitive speeches as those I heard at the functions I've been too. The speakers dont give any particular about how they went about growing their business, just that they did. And its changed their lives. Every other success story CD is pretty much the same. I didnt like the idea anymore about buying these particular CDs.

At our very 1st function I asked our immediate upline if we could just buy a CD or DVD from the function that they wanted us to go to and we were told no. You can only get the information they share AT the function, so it was important for us to fork out $105 each to attend to get this information. Only to attend it and realize its the same stuff you hear on the CDs and what they teach during the second part of the weekly ECS meetings (the part for IBOs only).

I find that the expense on buying CDs with the same message doesnt make sense.

Joecool said...

And then after you pay $105 for the function, then they will sell you a standing order that has the same speech as the function you attended.

bdjack said...

dang, you guys ALL took the words out of my mouth! lol

Anonymous said...

Ok, sounds interesting but on the other hand none of you has a damn problem with spending $10 for every Britney Spears CD coming out only to hear her yelling over and over again in that microphone... pathetic.

Joecool said...

Nobody ever told me that buying a Britney Spears cd or a concert ticket would make me rich.

Anonymous said...

touche joecool touche

Anonymous said...

Nobody told me that buying an educational CD would make me rich either. As a matter of fact, there's a disclaimer saying that there are no guarantees for success implied but that success is determined by one's work and effort. Apparently you never heard that part. Oh wait, that's because you never were a true Amway IBO. Your personal story is a scam.

Joecool said...

You were likely told that the key to your success was in the system. My personal story is true.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was told by many-a-Diamond (Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, etc) that no one, repeat NO ONE succeeded in the business without being "on the system".

I guess all those pins weren't "real IBOs" either!

Joecool said...

"no one, repeat NO ONE succeeded in the business without being "on the system"

No one, I repeat no one has ever won the lottery without having a ticket.