Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amway - Why IBOs Ignore Facts?

One of the crazy things that our upline taught the group was that the facts don't matter when you have a dream. There is evidence that this is still taught today and in particular, I have heard that from IBOs who claim to associate with WWDB. IBOs are taught to ignore facts because the facts make their Amway businesses look like a joke. Spend $300 a month on products to gain a $10 rebate when you could have bought the same or similar products at WalMart for a fraction of the cost. Then many IBOs spend another $200 or more so they can be taught to ignore facts of that this is somehow a great deal.

Any real business owner would never ignore facts. A real business owner makes decisions based on facts. IBOs are being duped into making business decisions on emotions and hype. The Amway opportunity already is already saturated with handicaps and challenges, particularly in the US and Canada, where the repuations and previous antics of fellow IBOs has so stained Amway's name that it appears to be negatively affecting sales and preventing any meaningful growth. Despite what Amway apologists claim, Amway is very likely shrinking in the US, and will continue to do so unless improvements and corrections are made, in my opinion. It's also possible that it is too late to right the ship at this point.

It is also why many IBOs talk about how Amway saves marriages, or Amway made them nicer people. Uplines will teach this because it takes a business owner's focus away from their bottom line, the profit or loss. Or IBOs are taught that a loss just means they are investing in their business, despite being tols upfront that there is little or no investment needed and that a profit can be turned quickly in Amway. These uplines have gone on for years with no accountability placed upon them by either Amway or their downlines. Any "incidents" are simply ignored or history revised by uplines.

There is one blog on the internet, where a WWDB IBO is writing about buying homes in cash, and Amway IBOs having a 2% divorce rate compared to more than 50% in the rest of the world, yet you have amway defenders like Bridgett Baron or IBOFB claiming this isn't being taught, when clearly it is. Cover it up all you want, the evidence is right there but these folks aren;t interested in the facts. Some of them even create fake blogs under fake personas to make Amway look good.

Why are we ignoring facts?


Anonymous said...

Why do you ignore facts Joe Cool? There are thousands of new diamonds every year but you don't mention that? What about the fact that you are a failure in Amway who should just mind his own business instead of messing around with IBO's. Get a life and get over your bitterness already.

rocket said...

There we go! THOUSANDS of new diamonds EVERY YEAR!


Don't worry about Joecool there fella, worry about verifying facts your upline gives you.

Should be enough there to keep you busy for a while.

Joecool said...

LOL, thousands of diamonds? Arew we talking the 50 year history of Amway? Diamond club in Hawaii for US/Canada diamonds a few years back had 160 diamond businesses represented. Maybe the other thousands declined a free trip to Hawaii? Yeah right.