Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amway - Upline Contradictory Teaching?

When I was an IBO, I often heard things from upline that made my head spin. There were so many contradictory statements that it's no wonder that so many IBOs never make any progress. Some of the teachings made sense on the surface, but in the end, it was all self serving advice by upline to get IBOs to purchase more and more tools.

The best example was when an IBO leader would teach IBOs to get out of debt. Now that is great advice on the surface. Getting out of debt is what everyone should do, especially if they are carrying credit card debts. But then in the same speech, that same upline leader would say it was okay to get further in debt if it's to attend a function or to purchase more tools. If being in debt it bad, then under no conditions should that IBO dig themselves a deeper hole just to attend a function.

My upline also spoke of vertical alignment, which is setting yout priorities. So for example, God is number one, your spouse is number 3, family is number three and your job isnumber 4 with the Amway business being number 5. But when anything conflicted with an Amway event or meeting, everything else was expected to be re-arranged so that you never misss an Amway meeting, even if you were getting married you were expected to reschedule so as not to miss a meeting. I remember hearing voicemail messages about the heroic efforts people made to avoid missing any Amway meetings. It's downright scary when I look back at it.

Another example was how you would simply change your shopping habits. Well, that was taught initially but eventually, upline wanted or in some cases, demanded that you purchase everything from Amway, even the catalog products. In the end, you spent much much more than if you had bought various products at Costco for example. Add in the shipping fees and you are getting hosed.

The biggest thing that upline has never been accountable for was the lies. My upline told everyone that NOBODY made a profit from the tools, Later, the tools scam was exposed by the internet so it can no longer be denied, but uplines downplay the significance of tools profits.

Many uplines have been getting away with lies and contradictions for a long time. I am hopeful that informatin seekers and prospects will know the truth before deciding whether or not to sign up with the Amway opportunity.


Anonymous said...

You could make hundred's of (negative) cds just on this topic alone:-)

I think the funniest part is hearing "numbers dont lie", but you are taught to ignore numbers (like IBO's who are talking abt 2-5 year plan for 15+ years and yet they have not gone diamond themselves, not to worry about how long your upline has been in business vs his success level, your expenses in the business, the revenue of Amway vs the number of years they have been in business, the stagnation of North American revenue and countless other things).

Amway likes to hide behind their global sales number 8.4 B and not talk abt their North American business. IBO's love to hide behind Amway's revenue numbers and not talk about what their profit actually is.

Joecool said...

If Amway sales were somewhat stagnant, but grew in India and China, then it's easy to conclude that the US sales took a skid.