Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amway - Joecool Gets A Thank You Letter

A recent comment left on my blog. It says a lot. Enjoy! Here's the heartwarming comment:

I prospectively attended my first AMWAY fucntion this evening. I've spent the last several hours online; from what I've found Joecool's account is not the exception but the standard. I have a meeting with my sponser tommorow evening, where I'll be returning the information he gave me and politely decline.

Honestly, if I had only read Joecool's testament of failure; I may have given the sponsor an opportunity to ellaborate on whatever success he has had with this system, and further considered getting involved with this organization; however, the arrogance and malice expressed by the AMWAY supporters on this site, have undoubtedly convinced me that this is not something I want to be a part of.

The problem is- though I hardly know the guy- he seems nice: I sincerely regret the disappointment he'll suffer tommorow. He said he had been with AMWAY for a little over a year. He approached me in the grocery store; and after a few minutes of akward conversation, I reluctantly gave the guy my phone number. Talking with him this evening his temperament seemed like a strange, disingeniuous confidence masking desperation. If anyone could make this work its guys like him. I for one am not the kind of person to approach perfect strangers with intent of peddeling dreams. I wish I could say that I hope this works out for him, and the other IBO's, but I honestly believe thier success will be at the expensive of other people's livelihood; this kind of financial burden has the potential to destroy families if a member is unseccessful.

If i had thousands of dollars and over a year tied up in this kind of investment; I would likely be one of the aggresive AMWAY defenders on this site. I can somewhat understand your predicament. I pray that if there is not a successful future in store for you, that God may open some other door and allow you refuge from what I perceive to be a stifleing dilema. I'm not posting to criticise your work, or dash your dreams; my heart is geniunely broken for those suffocating under thier own ambitions.

To the AMWAY advocates that have posted comments though civil discourse; Thank you!

Joecool; I'll never know how much heartache your website has spared my family and I; but, I believe it's considerable, and I am grateful.


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