Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amway - When Will You Be Walking The Beaches?

One of the battle cries I heard as an IBO was how one day, we would all be free and walking the beaches of the world, financially free and not having to own an alarm clock and reporting to a boss. I mean it sounded like a cool deal. All you had to do was work the system 2-5 years and follow thhe proven system of success. At the time, I thought honestly that I was going to do just that. But as time passed, I started to notice things said and taught by the upline leaders that just did not make sense.

For example, why would we constantly be told to get out of debt and live below our means but it was okay to go deeper in debt to attend a function or to buy more standing orders? Of course I now know about how upline's apparent greed was what led to this type of advice. Or we were taught that God was our top priority, followed by our spouse, family, job and then the Amway business. But when anything conflicted with a function or a meeting, the Amway function was ALWAYS to be the priority. "Never miss a meeting, period" was the advice we got from upline.

Which leads me to ask prospects and IBOs. What progress are you making? When will you be walking the beaches of the world? Why aren't any of your upline leaders retired from Amway, collecting mountains of cash and walking the beaches of the world? Why doesn't Amway advertise residual income as a benefit of the business if it were true? Can you even name one or two people who built an Amway business and actually walked away from their business and collects income? Surely a 50+ year old business with this benefit must have hoards of people realizing this wonderful benefit? Why can't people name more than 1 or 2? (I know why)

What many people, including IBOs don't know is that you can never go inactive in Amway. Amway, as far as I know, will only pay bonuses on an active business, thus if you ever walk away, someone will have to run your business. You will also need to move a certain amount of volume in order to qualify for some of these bonuses, and you will have to hope that none of your downline ever quit or stop ordering products, or else your bonuses will dwindle down to little or nothing very quickly.

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